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university of phoenix

Specializes in med surg. Has 15 years experience.

anyone currently enrolled at uop and if so how did you like the classes, is Excelsior better or what is the best online program for bsn and how is he cost

mona b RN, BSN, RN

Specializes in Child/Adolescent Mental Health.

Hi Suni,

From what I hear the UOP is supposed to be very challenging. I think the courses are accelerated and condensed. Wish I could give you more info. I know some of the other members here have experience with UOP, hope you get an answer.

mona b


I am currently in UOP BSN program and love it :) I have learned more than I could ever have imagined. Instructors post leacures and discussion guestions to be answered. There are alos reading assignments. The class is split into learning teams and work on a group presentation or paper. Of coure there are also individual assignments. And to add I have learned about the computer and what is does or doesn't do.

I would recomend UOP to anyone interested in higher education.


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