University of Oklahoma Nursing Progam - San Diego


Hello everyone,

I was doing some research on various nursing schools since I'm getting ready to apply and I came across the University of Oklahoma Nursing Program in San Diego. I'm interested in this program but the only concern that I have is whether or not this school is legit since the school stresses online learning. Are there any alumni from this program that could chime in? I'm just concerned about the job prospects and how employers would view this institution since it stresses online learning. Thank you.


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I'm not certain if this program actually exists anymore. I believe a new company was going to take it over (Orbis - they run some other online nursing programs) and they didn't get fianl approval. If you look on the CA BRN website ( they are not listed as being approved. I would probably look elsewhere.


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The school doesn't exist anymore. Sorry...


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You're right! Thanks for letting me know!