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University Of St Thomas BSN Houston

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I am applying for the Spring 2015 BSN program. Has anyone else applied or going to apply?


I am also applying for spring 2015

Do you know anything about their application process?

I have no clue. I just did the application to the school and got accepted. Now i'm waiting to find out if I was accepted into the nursing program. I hope we find out before Dec. 1.

Im planning on applying spring 2016, I've called and spoken with an advisor and she stated they didn't require the hesi or teas but entry into the university doesnt guarantee acceptance into the program... I'm still completing prereq's but hope to attend st thomas as well...

I am as well. Really nervous! Good luck to everyone!!!!

I'm also applying! I'm so nervous about submitting my essay. I want it to be perfect!

I've applied for the spring and im

really nervous also!!!! I Really

hope I get in! I've been accepted to the main campus already and been awarded a scholarship I'm just waiting to see if my hard work has paid off

Does anyone know when we are supposed to hear back? The admissions counselor said that we would know if we got in or not by a letter in the mail! :nailbiting:

Yes @chancec13 they will Inform us by the Mail by Dec 1st whether you have got in or not. Good Luck

I spoke with the nursing advisor. She said they are sending out decision letters this week. So we should know by next week

No I haven't! I think we'll get those by December 1st. The wait:nailbiting:

So they actually told you we didn't need to take the hesi or teas test? That's one of the reasons I'm really interested in applying at St. Thomas

For those that already applied and got accepted can you please tell me about the process? thanks