University of Miami Fall of 2009


I am an aspiring UM student. I just applied to the program for this Fall (2009). I was wondering if anyone has gotten in yet? and what were your stats (like GPA, when you applied..)..and whomever is in the program,how is it????

Thanks for your help!

I just found out that I got in, and I didn't expect to get in at all - it was a surprise. :-)

I have a GPA just over 3.0 (depending on how you count it,) so that was just barely good enough, but my last 30-40 credits have been almost all A's - including A&PI,II, Microbio, Chem I&II, OCHM, and all the other pre-reqs they ask for.

Since they let me in, it seems that they take the science course grades very seriously. I hope you hear good news, or already have! :-)

That's awesome! You're the first I've heard back from who got into Accel BSN this fall - I know there's more out there, and I'm sure we'll all find each other slowly. :-) Congratulations!


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Hey there AngelRGorgeous & Mr.StudentNurse...I'm in the Accel BSN for this Fall aswell! I've started a new thread for us, hope to see more people responding. Congrats to you both! =)

Is the new thread elsewhere, and I just can't find it? Sorry - I'm new to this whole thing. Good to hear from you!


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hey angelsrgorgeous, the thread is named "university of miami accelerated bsn fall 2009" look for it under nursing student assistance or florida nurses. its nice to hear for you aswell! =) although iv'e only heard from you & sure slowly we'll hear from more people.


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Did anyone get in while taking courses in progress? Also, did anyone get the scholarship and if so did you apply early decision?


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