University of Memphis (LCON -The Loewenberg College of Nursing) Spring 2019

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Is anyone applying to LCON for Spring 19' ?

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

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I applied for LCON Spring 2019 back in May.

Hello I applied for the Spring 19 semester, have you heard anything from them.

Yes I applied also for Spring 19, haven't heard anything yet.

When i applied for Spring 18' I got my notification end of October.

Hey, I applied for Lambuth Spring 2019...

Anyone applying to Lambuth? I called and spoke to Corey he stated hopefully letters will be mailed out by October 15th.

If you don't mind me asking..... Did you apply to Memphis or Jackson? What was your GPA?

I applied to Memphis (Main Campus)... I had a Overall GPA of 3.72 and a Science GPA of 3.0.

October is almost here! My fingers are crossed for us All....

Hello Everyone, I applied for Spring 2019 for both campuses list and I'm not sure of my science GPA i thinks it's over a 3.0 and my act is a 23 I'm hoping to get in. Goodluck to everyone

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