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I am searching for an online FNP program. I realize most schools require a few visits throughout the program but that's o.k. I have been looking at University of Alabama but they are so difficult to get information from. I've waited a week before and had to resend the message again and then not have my questions answered so I've just about given up on them unless they are really that great. Anyone in their program or graduated from their program?

Also, please any links to help me find a school would be greatly appreciated. I've looked at Indiana State University and Northern Kentucky. I realize it's a little late for the fall of this year, but hoping to start in the spring.




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Were you trying to get a hold of University of South Alabama? Did you ever get information. I applied last week to USA. I a have no idea if they have openings?



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It took me about 2 months to recieve the information that I requested from USA. Good Luck. I'm currently enrolled in University of St. Francis (joliet, IL) They only require 1 campus trip.


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USA does require you to make an on campus visit the first semester of clinical instruction (this is in the second year) that generally last 3-4 days.

They have stated they may increase this, and can alter this requirement at any time and may do so.

Depending on the specialty, I have heard some of them are required also to come in the final semester also. And this can change from semester to semester and class to class.

So the answer may not be available, as it seems to be being debated.


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UAB or Tuscaloosa-lol- big difference in the state--USA is not part of the U of AL system...UAB has a great program,Troy State looks good too


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I realized that USA does require some on campus site visits. That is okay to me. I would love to hear from somebody who has completed the FNP-psychiatric program at USA. I have applied for Spring 2010 (hope to hear soon on acceptance).

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