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Univ of Miami Accelerated BSN May 2010


Greetings everyone I am looking to connected to those who are accepted to the University of Miami Accelerated BSN May 2010 or to those who have graduated from University of Miami Nursing Program. I'm currently a massage therapist and Realtor for the last past 8 years. I have a BS in finance and have wanted to be in the healthcare field since I was a little girl. I shadowed 4 different Anesthesiologist so I know my ultimate goal - CRNA. I've now made it to the point that I have obtained all the prerequisites to further my healthcare studies and I'm very excited about my decision to purse Nursing at UM. Everyday I'm getting past the butterflies of this big challenge (12 months, full-time, accelerated program, 55 miles away from home). I will be commuting from the Broward area and carpooling is definely an option. Please share your story. Thanks for any advice, assistant and/or suggestions. Hope to see everyone real soon!

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wow! good luck to you!

UM is such an amazing and beautiful school.... growing up I lived only 5 mins away from the school.

I drove about 24 miles to school from miami to BC, and let me tell you that it was very tiring.

Since you will be doing 110 miles commute everyday. I suggest to you to take naps when you come home for at least an hour before you do your studying.

This is exactly what I did when I was in school== the drive was not as far as yours but, the traffic is terrible sometimes, in the morning I left super early to get there an hour before class started, and sometimes in the afternoon it would take me 2 hours to get home because of the traffic........ but the nap definitely helped me.

I wish you the best and best of luck!

go hurricanes!

Thanks BumbleBeeRN, My nutrition teacher said her commute was a little further than mine when she attended UM. She had to be on the hwy by 6am to get there by 8am....wow but I will get through it. Thanks for the hint about the naps that will most likely be a very good strategy, to refresh myself b/4 studying.

Hello fellow Hurricanes! I've also been accepted into the program and I look forward to meeting you all. :) I'm wondering if anyone has any idea of the NCLEX passing rate for UM? I'm from California, and I know we can find ours in our state website. I looked in Florida's main website, but it is darn confusing. Does anyone have any idea about this?

Hi Spacecowboy, on UM's site http://www6.miami.edu/sonhs/ it states the 08 BSN class for the NCLEX was 91.03% passing rate. I look forward to meeting you soon!

I just know about this blog, I am going to start the program in may 2010. I will be commuting from broward county as well. Anybody else?

I hope to meet you guys soon!


I willbe starting the program in May as well. I am also commuting from Broward (Miramar). I would like to get involved with a carpool too. Either that or I have to find a place down there cuz this cld be hell for me with the traveling.

Greetings Everyone, I just noticed that our class schedule is up, it looks a little intense now im nervous!

can u please tell me where u found the schedule I wld really like to get my hands on it! thanks!

Hi everyone, if you want to see the courses offered for the summer go to your myUM log on station and once you're in go over to the 3rd far right column 2nd box down states "general information" view um course offerings then put in nursing and summer 2010 enter you will see all the courses that we are taking....one word "intense."