Univ Cal Davis NP & PA Dual-Track Program

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Dual-track students are then eligible to complete the nurse practitioner certification exam and the physician assistant licensing exam

M.S. — nurse practitioner and physician assistant dual-track program

What are your thoughts on a program like this?

Anybody do this program?

If you did this program did you work as a PA or NP?

I am confused about the programs purpose.

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This is actually one of the remaining combined NP/PA programs. There used to be more than one of them in California. My understanding is that only the nurses can be eligible for both NP and PA certification after graduation. The program trains FNP's only. In California, the NP/PA role is probably going to be very similar in most scenarios since NP's are not independent here. However, I've known of NP's here who had to also train as RNFA's to be able to assist in the OR. I would imagine that would not be required of PA's.


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It seems like a waste of time and money. I think the PA route one would be better. More generalization but also better academics. You can do a well paid residency if you want to learn a specialty or just go to work and learn.

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