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Is a unit secretary position a good position for a pre nursing student? If I did get the job I would be leaving a great paying job, but the end results would be so worth it! And any examples of what a 12 full time schedule would look like? Thanks guys I appreciate all your help I love this site! And also I would be leaving a retail mgr job.. Do you think I will have a good chance at getting this position?

I think a US position is a great way to get your foot in the door. I started working at a local hospital when I turned 18 as the US on the Med/Surg floor. I learned SO much from my job. I would ask the nurses and doctors all kinds of questions. I became familiar with diagnoses', medications, labs, tests......It was a great opportunity to learn, and realize that I really did want to pursue a career in the medical field!

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The ER I work in utilizes a technician to draw blood and do EKGs and another to work as the unit secretary. Pretty much any way to get your foot in the door at a hospital as a pre-nursing student is a good way to go. Some of my duties include getting a hold of doctors, input orders for labs and tests, request beds for patients that will be admitted and discharge patients out of our computer system so I get to learn a lot of medical terminology. I think you need to be able to multi-task because I am constantly asked to do things from multiple people. Our techs have to work three 12 hour shifts a week to be considered full time. Good luck!

Thanks for the response! I appreciate it just not sure about how the 12 hour shifts would be scheduled...

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