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I just started my new role as unit manager in a nursing home. I'm on my third week. The place has had so much turnover and lots and lots of changes. Very big percentage of new employees. Anyways, I've never held this role before and I'm wanting to learn as much as I can. What are some helpful tips to succeed as a unit manager?


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Take some classes online on leadership. Learn your state regulations for SNF.

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Don't ask your staff to do anything you are not willing to do yourself. Keep your self watchful of sabbatoge from your staff. Have regular staff meeting with all shifs, all staff to make them aware of the recent changes, requirements, your expectations. Make sure you have a sign-in-sheet for those who attend. Make them aware of your high expectations and they will perform better for you!! Pride in your unit.


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Awesome. Thank you both!


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nurse4ever08, any website or suggestions on where I can find such classes?