Unions and new hires


How does your union approach new hires? Many new hires where I work do not know much, if anything about the union even though dues will be coming out of their paychecks.


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i work for the state,pay union dues and i dint even know for what...ya they are there when needed i guess...and they pay for 2 classes year....otherthan that dont know.....there was on time o got mandated to stay and my co-workers the next day to call they union that they shouldnt of mandated me....mandate or not,i wasnt going to leave them short.....others call they union if the floor is short staffed and are working crazy hours...is this what they are for?...

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As part of the general new employee orientation, at the institution where I work, a small part is devoted to orientation to the union given by the union officers.

We are also given time during new employee orientation. We sit down and talk about the basics you need to know for the first 90 days:

  • make sure you getting paid correctly,
  • try not to call out sick,
  • who to call if you are struggling in your new position.

Of course we also review really brief all the benefits because some are avail right away & others later.

If your union is not given this time, they should be making contact within the first few days.


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Our union time with new employees was a fight , but we finally won. Now instead of waiting outside the room , we are all introduced and get to make a presentation.