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Thanks for all of your thoughts. My hospital will be the first Hosp. in S. Jersey that will have NYSNA representing us. I was cautious and nervous about the union and find that I am very eager to learn and be involved now. I want things to be good for all involved and I want it to be a good experience for all the nurses. I am sure there are bitter sweet feelings flying around, and I hope things go well. Have a great day all

Bedhead: I don't know which area you work in but I think I do know the hospital. I think you will be ok with a union. The hospital in south Jersey I'm thinking about has had unions trying to get in since 1980 and management was always very opposed. They also had a lawsuit re age discrimination not too long ago when a group of older nurses felt they had to leave. If you go to www.nysna.org, they mention that the union was wanted because nurses were being worked too hard, salary is out of line and nurses wanted input into hospital conditions. Maybe most of the problems were in areas other than that in which you work?

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