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Union 1199?


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Are any of you a member of SEIU Union 1199? I'm just learning about these things. (I'm 22). What is the benefit of joining a Union as opposed to staying un-unionized? If there is anyone apart of this Union, SEIU 1199, please tell me how it has benefited you. I was told that once I become a CNA, i'm automatically a union member, or do I have to apply?

The benefits sound amazing, as I would love to go back to school, but I am wanting to hear from someone who is apart of SEIU 1199 OR a Union in general and would like to know how this has helped you and why you chose to join a Union. What if I am the only 1199 Union member at the facility I work for, am I still going to be entitled to my benefits through the union? Please just let me know how the whole process goes.

I'm also trying to figure out how this whole 401k thing works out. :bugeyes: Are there people out there with more than one 401k because of job changes? Are there transfers?

Ah, your parents should teach you these things huh? Its funny because my little brothers and sisters will probably be millionaires when they grow up because I teach them everything I learn about financing from when they are young. My brother is 9 and has $500 in his PIGGY BANK ROFL (more than some adults!) :lol2:

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SO I'm guessing noone is interested in UNIONS?

Makes no sense.

There are some threads here about unions that you can find with a search. I was a member of a union in another line of work and left the job because of the way I was treated. The union did nothing to help me. One of my nursing employers was unionized. I saw no advantage. As a matter of fact, my boss told me that they (management) had many ways of getting around the union so that they could run their business the way they wanted. They considered the union to be a nuisance. At that time one of my other employers went through a fiasco when some of the employees tried to bring in the union. Things got to be very uncomfortable during the whole process. The union was voted down by an overwhelming count. Afterward, the employer had a very negative tone as a result. You didn't want to go into the office anymore because, instead of being happy that the union issue was over, the managers were dogged out about everything. I really don't need the turmoil and extra politics that are involved when a union comes around. The union has really never done anything worthwhile for me.


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I appreciate what the union does for you. I was in the union 1199. I think there are two, 1199P & 1199C. To which one are you referring to?

The Union I was in didn't do a thing for me. The first Union I was in was Local 77. I had to stand my own ground, prove my own case when they tried to terminate me. I saw no point in the Shop Stuarts (sp?) spectating while I was beeing reprimanded. (They are supposed to make sure your employer terminates you for good cause under company policy)

Unions are a nice thing to have. You might be able to get your job back if you are terminated. You will be responsible to pay union dues. My first job, Union dues where deducted from your check wheather you opted to be a member or not. It had something to do with the majority of the staff being unionized.

Unions are a nice thing to have in place. However, they have not done anything for me that I should praise them for. Almost everything that was promised, you never hear from again. Myself and several other per diem employees were promised a dollar raise in December 2007. Until this day, nothing has been done, and we play phone tag with everyone responsible for making it happen. It has come to the point that I barely schedule days to work because I feel I myself, as well as other CNA's, are being wronged. The union says they will have to pay us "back pay" once it goes through, but I think they are trying to wait until everyone quits!

Their benefit package would depend heavily on your employer. You would need to request a worksheet on what benefits 1199 covers. It can vary.

It may work out for you.

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