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Union question...meeting on Thursday NERVOUS


I have been informed that my grievance meeting will be held on Thursday. I have met with the union reps and

have assured me that I have an excellant chance of getting my job reinstated. To fill you in, I was fired for

going back on the January MARS at the LTCF I work for and signing a couple of inititals that I had missed.

Was fired for "fraud and documentation falsification." I was treated with the utmost rudeness, insulted at the

meeting when I was fired. The DON asked me "What do you think you are doing here, throwing feed to chickens

or hay to cattle"? Told me that I had no ethics, no morals, and threatend to take my license. I have been a

nurse for 14 years, love my job, it is my calling to work LTC.

Now I have to meet with her and the administrator and am soooo nervous. Could use a bit of advice from any

one that has gone thru this. I do not want my job back, I feel that I will be just setting myself up to be

watched and targeted.

I know of several nurses that went back over the MARS and signed anything, anywhere for anyone once they

started cracking down and writing us up for missing initials. I still talk to several nurses that I worked with and

none of them have even been pulled into the office for dicipline. I refuse to rat them out, and I know that

I was set up, along with another nurse that was also fired for the same reason. The place is toxic, and I have

excellant references to land another job. Could just use some advice here. Thanks

Just be yourself and everything else will fall into place


wonderbee, BSN, RN

Specializes in critical care; community health; psych.

Be honest. Keep your emotions in check. Maintain your sense of professionalism.

I work with someone who has been in your shoes several times during her long career with the same employer. She has always been targeted (though in her case, it was probably deserved). She'll be retiring with full benefits from this employer next year. She made it because she relied heavily on the union.

You may not want to have to go that road. My belief is that once that train has left the station, it's time to find another destination.

Try to get your file cleared and move on as part of the grievance settlement (voluntary resignation and agreement not to contest unemployment while you search for a new position.)....Once a supervisor decides to "get you" its almost impossible to survive. I was bullied for over 3 years and once a supervisor starts nitpicking anything that they throw tends to stick...Best of luck!

(let your union steward speak for you...)

I wish you all the best, I would make sure my name is cleared and then I would looked to move on to another employer. I am sure you dont want to work with someone that is trying to hurt you.

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