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Hi there. Im thinkn bout interviewin with Union Memorial in Baltimore. If anyone has ne feedback it would be appreciated :chuckle


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I have worked at union memorial for about 7 years through an agency. it is a good hospital and most of the nurses are friendly. I normally work on CVSD which is an open heart unit. i think it is the best unit in the hospital. Stay away from 7E, the nurse manager is not very nice and they have a high turnover of nurses. The older nurses on the unit are lazy and the newer nurses get so fed up that they leave. if you have any more question i'll be willing to answer them. also the PACU is a cool place to work.



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Dont remember the floor number, but avoid oncology floor! That was the worst place I have ever been.


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Here's my two cents worth: I worked there as a Travel RN and extended my stay twice - I worked in the ICU and loved it - everyone worked together and I felt like part of the family. I would work there tomorrow if I could.


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I have been working there for 10 years...6 of those through the agency. All the floors have switched and have had some really big changes. They opened a new cardiac floor on 4. Oncology....which I love the crew...is on 9. You really have to give it a try for yourself. You would make more money doing a contract through an agency and find out whether or not you like it first. Good Luck..

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