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Hi everyone! I am so excited, I am starting my CNA class in exactly ONE week from today...I finally feel like I am really on my way! I went today to the college for my physical and bloodwork, and picked up my textbook and student handbook...so here's my question, if anyone knows...regarding the uniform for the CNA clinicals, it says "female students may choose either a white regulation dress or white regulation pants or white regulation skirt worn with a white shirt/blouse with collar."

I know I can just wait til the first day of class where I'm sure the instructor can provide a little more detail about what exactly we are supposed to get. I know right now I'm going for the pants because there's no way I'm getting into white pantyhose in July! So...anyone know what exactly "regulation" white pants are? :confused:


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Not a clue.....?????? Sorry!


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Our uniforms are suppose to be a specific style with the schools emblem on them. In my acceptance letter is said we have to have uniform (pantsuit or dress) that is Landau style. Which, of course, translates into ugly!:eek:

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i would suspect that if they said regulation, they have chosen a style that they want you to have. My school even tells us where to go to order the uniforms with school patch already applied when we got it.

You might want to make a phone call or ask the instructor the first day just to be clear.

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