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In our ED we are talking about going to hospital issued scrubs for infection control purposes. Just wondering what other EDs wear-your own uniforms or hospital issued?? Thanks!

We wear our own uniforms, I think hospital issue scrubs are a great idea. Can't count the number of times my uniform has been slimed, and my back-up one too! Nothing like charcoaled emesis for the rest of your shift.

We wear our own scrubs but have hospital issued scrubs nearby if we get "slimed".

we wear our on scrubs of a seperate color from any other department but if we get soiled we can pull scrubs from the house super. do you guys have to wear a specific color. they are talking about going to a hospital wide color and everyone in ED is balking. just wondering.

Specializes in ER, PACU, OR.

ER- Navy blue and buy our own.

ICU- gray and hospital buys I think?

CCU- navy blue and own

L&D - light blue

floors all white

OR and surgery, pacu - emerald green and the hospital buys and washes all.


we have to wear er issued scrubs which are ugly. Tan pants white top with our hospital name all over it. Majority of the staff are trying to vote on whether we should be able to wear whatever we want. Some of them are already trying to wear them outside of the dress code. they have threatened us with being sent home if you come to work out of uniform. Hey, I want a day off maybe tomorrow I'll wear some outrageous colors for the day off. LOL hehe

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