Unemployed RN, How can I get a job?

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I graduated in May 2009 with my ADN. I have a BA degree in non-nursing. Unfortunetly, I did not get a job as a new grad nurse. I'm a student in RN-MSN program, NP or CNS. My question is do I need to get my BSN first in order to find any nursing job or I can get a job with my MSN without having BSN and without RN experience?

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I am assuming that you are enrolled in a non-clinical MSN program, because in order to be eligible for most clinical MSN (NP, CNM, etc.) you have to have some clinical experience.

It may prove to be very difficult to find an entry-level new grad job with an MSN, at least that's the case in my area of the country. Hiring managers in my organization are avoiding them due to previous bad experiences. It would probably be very beneficial if you could obtain some sort of RN job while you continue to pursue your education. It should be very do-able because the actual class schedule is much less demanding, at least it was for me - I worked full time while I was in (bricks and mortar) grad school. Since it has been such a long time since you graduated, you may need to invest in a refresher course prior to applying for a nursing job.

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I would definitely try to get some experience in, but I wouldn't worry about the BSN. I've never seen a job posting for an APN that requested a certain type of past RN licensure.

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