Uncontrollable desire to be a nurse


I know it sounds cliche but I really do want to be a nurse. I love hospitals, I love caring for people, bodily functions I can handle, I love trauma, I love everything about nursing. Working long hours with no breaks, being vomited on/peed on doesn't phase me, dealing with doctors and being the one to blame doesn't phase me either. I would be doing what I love to do.

My problem is the prereqs. I have a 2.8 right now. It's not great, I know. I'm taking a&p 1, sociology, and comp 2 this semester. I'm striving for straight A's. I have about 5 prereqs left so I know I can still bring it up.

My mom went through nursing school with newborn twins and always tells me that if she can do it, I can too. I'm afraid I won't be accepted. I'll be taking CNA courses this summer to gain experience. I volunteer at a hospital also.

I know nursing is very demanding but I want nothing more then to become one.

Any advice on how not to be discouraged when I haven't applied yet? Does receiving extra help for entrance exams really help? I'm bad at math and was thinking about doing it. Any advice or suggestions is appreciated!!


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How many classes do you have done that gave you the 2.8 gpa? If it is only a few then getting straight A's or close to it this semester will really help boost your gpa. Nursing schools very competitive and a lot of them only accept people with a 3.3+ gpa. How many prereqs do you have? Are you able to retake classes if you do not get accepted?


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I'm pretty sure I am able to retake some classes but my dream school looks down upon it. I got a C in chem and Bs in all my other prereqs. I had to take some basic classes that don't transfer over but I received C's in them which is hurting my GPA. I still have a&p 2, microbiology, biomedical ethics, computer literacy, a CPR class, and medical terminology to take.