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My daughter has moved home; went out and got a job as a waitress at Red Lobster. Her benefits as stated:

1) Weekly Pay checks. Direct deposit available.

2) Flexible work schedules when available.

3) Day-One Medical,Dental,Life and Disability Coverage.

4) Meal Discounts- 50% off self/25% off up to 7 friends.

5) Matched Savings/Retirement Account

6) Brain Bucks-Money for School.

Any/All staff I hire(including myself),have to wait 90days for benefits!

Meal Discounts? When is their time to eat?

No need to explain the others...

I spoke with another waitress about the pay and she said it's low(2 > 4 $) but, the tips are great! She said that monday thru wednesday she brings home $75>$100 in tips alone.

Thursday thru saturday are the best $200 > $400 nightly

I'm going into waitressing!!!lol


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Daily $$$ is so nice!!! I actually LIKED waiting tables! Sounds like the benefits have really improved since I was doing it. :D :D :D



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I too was a waitress before going back to nursing school. Sure I made decent money with OK benefits but after a year or so my brain was mush from underuse and I went back to school. I also realized that unless you wanted to go into restaurant management (lousy hours) there was not much flexibility in the job besides trying another restaurant with a different menu!

Personally I need constant intelectual stimulation and I have found it in nursing as well as a decent wage with decent benefits.


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Hated waited tables. I did it just two years ago for Olive Garden, owned by the same company that owns Red Lobster, and my benefits weren't that nice. Their "flexible hours when available" worked me to the ground. I was in school and they kept scheduling me for too many shifts despite my complaints so I finally quit and went somewhere else that did the exact same thing.

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