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So I enrolled in Ideal Professional Institute 2 years ago, only to find out after I had paid a $5000 non refudable deposit to the school that it is not an accredited nursing school.  I decided to go through with the program after I was assured that I would still be able to sit for my NCLEX.  I figured as a soon as I graduate and pass NCLEX I could try and do a RN to BSN program from an accredited school and so the RN would no longer matter.  Well I did graduate last december, wrote my NCLEX this year and passed and then started trying to apply into accredited BSN programs, only to find out that I will not be admitted into any accredited BSN programs if I graduated from an unaccredited program even if you pass the NCLEX. I'm so frustrated right now and have resorted to doing the RN to MSN program (which will accept my Bs in Social Work).  My questions are. 1) Do yall know of any accredited RN to BSN programs that will take me?

2)What are the advantages and disadvantage of RN to BSN vs RN to MSN?

3)Anyone else who graduated from an unaccredited Nursing program? Advise.

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Hi there. I have the same issue. I would appreciate any feedback.