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Is anyone currently attending (or graduated from) the BSN program at UMSL? I will be applying this year and was wondering how competitive it is? What was the average GPA of the accepted applicants? What else do they look for? Also, I read that if you are an "oustanding" transfer applicant you could possibly enter the accelerated program even though you don't have your bachelor's degree. How "outstanding" do you have to be? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :wink2:

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I graduated from UMSL's traditional BSN program in December 2006. I'm not certain of the average GPA of applicants, but I can tell you that I had around a 3.6 GPA when I applied. I applied in the fall of 2004 for acceptance, transferring in 60+ credit hours from various community colleges. I had nothing else to speak of to make my application stand out (no hospital job, no volunteering, etc.). It was the only time (and only school) I applied (to).

I'm not sure what the competition is like now. Hopefully someone with more recent experience can let you in on that. Another poster (Friendly) is attending the accelerated BSN program, probably close to graduation by now. You could also ask your questions directly to an advisor at the College of Nursing. I'm sure they would let you know more information and possibly your shot of being accepted.

Best of luck to you!


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Yeah I should probably meet with an adviser - do you know if they have summer advisement appointments?

Thanks for your help :wink2:


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Hello! As Becca said, I'm in their accelerated program currently. Set to graduate in less than 6 weeks and am beyond thrilled!! Anyways, I also suggest making an appointment with an adviser...and they do offer summertime appointments. The nursing admin. building is open all summer long! I met with an adviser @ UMSL prior to applying for their nursing program when I was still attending the community college during my last semester of pre-requisite courses. I had roughly 61 credit hours completed, and do not have a previous degree of any kind. So, it is possible to do the accelerated route without a degree--just make sure you have met all course requirements (which the adviser at UMSL will do with you). I had a 3.8 GPA when I applied..took about 5-6 weeks after I applied to hear from them regarding acceptance. It's a 15 month long program, we go during the summertime instead of taking a break. My group started in May of 2008, and will be done the first week of this August. Let me know if you have any questions. I'd be glad to answer them! :)


67 Posts I went ahead and made an appointment with an adviser. Hopefully she will be able to answer my many questions.

Do you know what else they look at - other than GPA? Or is GPA the only admissions criteria?


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Hello again! Besides GPA, they look to make sure you've taken the proper prerequisite courses. Also, when you send in your application (if things haven't changed from when I applied in Spring of 2008), you will need 2 letters of recommendation from college professors, and will also need to write an "essay" stating what draws you to nursing and your future goals. Good luck!..and if you have any other questions..just let me know!


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Hey Friendly Ghost! How have you been? When I spoke to the receptionist she said that I don't need any letters of reccommendation or any essay. IDK if this is true or not.


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I am currently in UMSL's accelerated program. I have a bachelor's degree already but I think most of the students are just transfer students, with no degree. They look at your overall GPA and your science GPA and score your admission based on those. More points for a higher science GPA. I believe they doubled their admission size this summer. I really like it so far. I really have no complaints other than a little trouble I had with my admission... (stuff got lost because I had a name change). Wouldn't have been a problem if I hadn't procrastinated though. :bugeyes:

I would apply. If you have decent grades you probably won't have a problem, and if they say you don't get in right away, don't be discouraged. A lot of people dropped at the last minute. The problem is the cost. It is expensive (like any accelerated program). Good luck!

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