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UMKC NP Admissions


Has anyone applied to UMKC NP programs for 2017 or 2018?

If so,

which program?

when did you apply?

for what semester?

have you been notified about a decision?


I applied for Summer 17 and submitted my application 3/1. Did you apply for a program? Have you heard back?

I haven't heard back yet either. Anyone?

I talked to someone last Wednesday who said that they hoped to have decisions out by this Wednesday (3/22).

I have not, have you? I guess they are running behind schedule.

No, I haven't heard either. I will post an update once I do!

I have yet to hear and last I checked, they aren't giving a date to hear back by anymore. Rather, a vague few more weeks answer is being given.

I heard back today and was accepted. Have you heard back? Good luck!

I was accepted as well. Did you decide where you will be going?

Congratulations! Are you going to accept your spot? I had to make a decision already regarding a different school I was accepted at for summer semester so I am not accepting the spot at UMKC.

I have accepted my spot at UMKC. Good luck in your program!