UMiami ABSN, Mount Sinai ABSN or Johns Hopkins Direct entry MSN?

Nursing Students School Programs


Hi all! I'm in a bit of a bind and need advice please? I got into Umiamis ABSN program which is 12 months starting in January. I've always always absolutely loved miami and want to live there but I'm from nj and it will be hard to leave my family behind for a year and don't know if I'll actually get to experience miami with the fast paced program. John's Hopkins is a 21 month program starting in January and I would get my MSN but I don't love the idea of living in baltimore and don't know that I necessarily need my MSN. Mount sinais program is 15 months and is in nyc and starts in January. it's close to home but it's not in a great area and I didn't really want to commute from home in nj. Any advice on which program to choose would be greatly appreciate!!

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