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On 4/22/2022 at 3:54 PM, Anony17 said:

Believe it or not I am happy for you too that you did not experience the obstacles I faced or that other students faced over the last couple of years but that does not give you the right to invalidate my opinion and perspective because you clearly said you can't relate. It is preposterous of you to say I blame the GSN for the pandemic because I never once stated that. Also, not every student had or will have the same faculty members available for support. As we know, in DNP year 2 there's different concentrations. Perhaps your concentration leaders were very supportive and flexible with course expectations and clinical requirements however mine were not. Also, students have different thesis advisors. I was fortunate to be paired up with a great advisor however some of our classmates didn't have that luck. I will not share specific details of private conversations that occurred between myself, faculty, and/or other students but I will say that another example of less than supportive faculty members was when the first and only option offered to students who needed help or had a personal situation come up was to take a leave of absence which did happen to multiple students in our graduating class. The goal of this post is not to share names about the faculty who are and aren't supportive, because yes, I agree with you there are quite a number of supportive staff. For example, the GEP first year faculty for example were extremely nurturing and supportive which is why I had that expectation of all faculty members we were to encounter until graduation, especially during a pandemic. So again, just because you didn't experience adversities or didn't feel disappointed by some faculty members does not mean that what I've shared isn't valid. Also, if you want to brag about getting a job at UMass perhaps you should share the fact that that residency only accepted perhaps less than 2 handfuls of students from our graduating class back in 2019 compared to the 30 that applied. Did you go around asking the rest of us how did we end up finding jobs? I don't think so. So again, just because you didn't have any issues getting a job doesn't mean that there isn't an issue getting entry level RN jobs without a nursing degree. In fact, prior to me taking the boards last year, I still had issues transferring hospitals because I don't have a BSN despite accumulating 2 years of experience. That was told to me by HR. Just to be clear, I'm referring only to students who need to obtain an inpatient hospital job. I cannot comment on job hiring with respect to primary care clinics and other outpatient jobs. What do I recommend to offset this? Keep an open mind in terms of workplace locations and apply everywhere even if posts state they want nurses with experience and BSNs.  

Lastly, my post was not meant to be representative of all students. But the truth is I've met students from other incoming years who have experienced this disappointing attitude from certain faculty members. So yes, just as they have high expectations of us, so do I of them. I expected a lot more humanity from the faculty that weren't so supportive. My advice to all incoming students is exactly what I wrote in my original post: only count on yourself, have a good support system inside and outside of school, make time for self care, be proactive and resourceful in your studies. Also, maximize the mental health student services as often as you need it. They have wonderful clinicians as well as stress management programs. 

These are the tips and tools I used to overcome the personal and academic adversities I faced and am happy to report I am also graduating this year as well! 

Thank you both for you honest review. This has been very insightful. In everything in life there’s the good the bad and the ugly. It’s important for us to know what to expect from all angles and just be prepared. I truly appreciate it. 

 If possible can either of you share on your day to day activities during GEP year? What did you like and what didn’t you? Outside of the pandemic and changes with that, what other challenges did you face and how did you overcome it? Anything else you’d like to advise us on. 

Best of luck to you both and congratulations on graduating.


Do we get paid working as an RN after the GEP year? Thank you.