UMass Boston Spring 2016


I'm applying as a transfer applicant for spring 2016

GPA is 3.46 (a little low, I know), I have a background in healthcare, I've taken/am taking most of the "recommended" pre reqs including sciences.

I'm about to order my TEAS study guide and plan on taking it relatively soon... gen chem is in progress and I've only taken A&P I so I'm a little nervous about it, but I'm in a huge hurry to get out of my current situation so I'm taking it now and hoping for the best.

Anyways, any other previous transfer students have wisdom to share? Are my credentials on par with what yours were? Any current applicants out there?


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Hi Lulu,

I was accepted as a transfer into the traditional nursing program last year, and I wouldn't worry about not having all the pre-reqs finished by the time of the application. I would check the application deadline though-last year they only had one admission cycle and the deadline was 12/1.

My Stats: I had a 3.56 overall GPA, 3.8something in the prereqs (previous BA in non-science field) and had taken only the human development and A&P I courses by the time I applied. I don't remember the numerical TEAS score but it was high 80s, 98 percentile.

The most important thing is to study hard and rock the science classes and the science section of the TEAS. They REALLY emphasize success in science courses here. I also think you have a big leg up having experience in healthcare, as the majority of us do not.

TBH I don't love the program so far. They've made several changes over the past year that have upset a lot of the new students in the program, but that being said a lot of the changes are for the good and are putting the school on par w/Northeastern & BC. UMB nursing grads are def. well thought of in the Boston healthcare scene. If you are planning on working 10 or less hours a week while you finish your BSN I would recommend it, but it's not as good for people like me who planned on working as much as possible.

Thanks so much for your reply!

I'm glad to hear the background in healthcare will be a plus. I've gotten mostly A's in the sciences/pre-reqs I've taken, but I'm unconvinced that I will do well on the TEAS, unfortunately, with that second semester of A&P missing.

I'm getting a BS in bio at a liberal arts school in rural Maryland right now, and I absolutely hate it.

New England is home, it's where my family is, and it's where I want to work when I graduate. So I feel like my best option is to go to a good school there to increase my chances of finding a job there when I graduate.

I'd be giving up an insane opportunity to go there though, so we shall see.

Again, thanks for the feedback, it was helpful.

studentbear, CNA

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I wouldn't fret ~too~ much about the taking the TEAS in your situation, I took it prior to taking either A&P 1 or 2 and still managed a "proficient." My weak areas were grammar, human/life science, and scientific reasoning. In retrospect, I wish I had studied more prior to the exam, but it is what it is.

Use the ATI study manual and practice tests and be sure to review all content. You'll do great!