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UMASS Boston FNP program


Buyer beware.

If you're thinking about going to UMASS Boston for your FNP certificate, think again.

I'm currently in the program. I found my own preceptors but the day the courses start I still haven't been cleared to start clinical. They claim that they have been unable to reach the clinical site. Keep in mind that I gave them all contact information in June but they did not make me aware of this until September and they were unapologetic about it. At this point they don't seem trustworthy or professional.

Has anyone else been in this program and gone through this? What did you end up doing? Should I stay or go?


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Bit premature to say that.

UMB has an excellent reputation and the faculty is top notch.

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Did you graduate from this program?

My problem is that they said they last communicated with my clinical site on July 7 but didn't notify of me of this until September 8, the day that courses started. 2 months went by with them not telling me that there was a problem with my clinical. That excessive. There's nothing I can do once a class has started to turn this around but if they had notified me in July I could have definitely contacted the site. On top of it all, write in emails and on submission forms DO NOT CONTACT US FOR UPDATES ON THE CLINICAL AFFILIATION PROCESS.

I have to drop this class and that 's a financial and time delay for me. I feel bad because my coworkers already made concession on the unit schedule so I would have time to do clinical. There's a trust element that is missing and I have no guarantee that this won't continue to be the pattern with the school.

I just need to know what other peoples direct experience has been with this program. I can't afford to waste my time, my money, or inconvenience other people.

I looked into this program but couldn't get answers to very basic questions from the program assistant. In one case he answered a question the exact opposite of what the website said. I asked him to reconcile his statement and the website. He told me to apply and he would make sure everything got figured out.

I told him I preferred a program that was more forthcoming before applying and told him I would pass. At that stage he was suddenly willing to answer all my questions. Needless to say I moved on. It sounds like I made the correct decision.


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Someone needs to print out all the bad pub that the UMass has received on this message board and mail it to the head of the UMass director of the FNP program to enlighten them of how they are doing. I would not be please if i were heading a program and heard some of the things I am hearing on this board.