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UMass Boston accelerated nursing program in Fall 2020

Wen Wen (New) New

Hi everyone! I'm planning on applying to the UMass Boston accelerated nursing program in Fall 2020. I was wondering if anyone else here is applying. Also for those who have been accepted into the program (CONGRATULATIONS!), what was your GPA and TEAS score?

Is anyone also applying to other accelerated nursing programs in Boston, MA? Any comments would be appreciated! Thank you.

Did the decisions come out yet? They said it'd be out 3-4 weeks after the deadline

@1990Ashley Not yet. I haven’t heard anything and is planning to call them today. The wait is killing me!

@1990Ashley I called them and they said they’re still reviewing. The decision may come out very soon (a specific date wasn’t given). Have you heard anything?

No I haven't heard anything. Thank you for checking in with them! I guess we'll give them a few more days.

@1990Ashley Hey! I heard back today, I got accepted for the Spring semester instead of the Fall. Have you heard back?

Hi everyone! Have you checked the myUMB portal? I checked mine on Monday and it said I was accepted and Orientation details are coming soon. I read in past years posts the myUMB doesn't get updated at the same time for everyone but if you haven't looked at the portal, check it out. :) I check my mailbox outside every day and my email but haven't heard anything. It's so hard to wait!

@Wen - how did you know you got accepted to Spring instead of Fall? Mine just says a generic "Congratulations!" with a video of UMB.

@Quincy39 Hey CONGRATS! I didn't submit my application via the UMB portal because I graduated from UMB, so I had to send the materials via email. I was informed by one of the admissions assistants that the Fall program was at full capacity. When did you apply?

Also, did you attend the info session for the 12 months program? When I went, it was still the 16 months program. I tried to get more details on the program before I decide, but haven't heard back from anyone. Please let me know if you know anything about the clinical rotations, etc.

I forgot I never responded earlier, sorry! My GPA was 3.47 and pre-req 4.0. I didn't take the TEAS due to the pandemic so they waived that. I just heard back from Northeastern and it's an amazing school but twice the price and also requires more in-person gatherings so that's harder for me since I have little kids and quit work to stay home and take care of them right now. Both NE and UMB would be wonderful opportunities.

@WenI'm so intrigued that UMB is accepting for the Spring already. To my understanding, they review everyone's applications at once for each cohort. During the info session I asked if I submitted my application earlier like in April compared to May 1st, if I'd have a better chance getting in for the fall and they said "no we review them all mid-May". The info session I went to was in early January. I am really excited about this program! I've heard the professors are fabulous. I took my pre-reqs online and had a great experience so I am optimistic about the online emphasis. At the info session, Rachel West was very enthusiastic about her new course design for the 12 month program. I was very excited to apply after hearing her presentation and seeing her passion.

In my notes I wrote down that we have to go into campus 2 full days in one 7 week block. So, once during week 3 we will go into campus and once during week 4 we will go into campus (in-person competency checks). Then, repeat. Then, at the end of the 14 week block is a 2 week clinical (~40 hr a week). I'm not sure if that means we'll do three 12's a week... I found reading the curriculum page helpful. In a 12 month span that means 6 weeks total clinicals.


Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted..Please join the facebook page Umass Boston Absn Fall 2020-2021


No problem! Thanks for responding with helpful information. I was looking forward to starting the program in Fall, but I guess Spring would work. I've been accepted to Northeastern and MCPHS for the Fall, but they cost way more than UMB.

So does that mean we'll be completing a total of 240 clinical hours over 12 months? I know that the Northeaster program requires its students to complete a total of 432 clinical hours that focus on various patient populations.

It's so hard to decide which program since they all seem great!

Is there anyone here that will be applying for the Spring 2021? I am interested.

If anyone knows what the tuition fees along with housing and books looks like, please share!

I am so limited with applying to schools because they are so expensive.

@Quincy39 Could you give me some feedback on the program so far? I also have little kids at home, so this online program is really looking like the best fit for me academically. I'm just trying to figure out if the workload is realistic while home with kids! Thanks!

I study from 5:30 to 9:30 AM. Then it’s my turn to take the kids until 1 PM from 1 PM to 3 PM I study while my kids nap or watch TV. Then from 3 to 5 PM we play outside and honestly I try to memorize things while playing with them outside. Then from 5 PM to about 9 PM I study. This is every day during the week on the weekends both days I have been studying all day. So far I do not have many breaks. I am hoping since it is the first month of school I will find more time to rest. The general consensus is it is more than 40 hours a week of study time. However that is not the program goal. Perhaps the extra hours are because we recently changed from 16 to 12 months. I am starting to feel like I might need to get a nanny one day a week. I’m going to try and do without that. So far it is working. I just got my first day on my exam.! It is far more challenging than I thought. However I keep reminding myself it is just one year. 12 months goes by fast. If you do not have a supportive family member it would be hard. I am unable to cook or pretty much clean most of the house. My husband does all the grocery and cooking right now. Even though he does bath and put the kids to bed I’ll take study breaks and come up and sing them songs and spend quality time with them but yes, I usually eat dinner by myself while studying. So far, I get enough quality time with them during the day that it is working out for our family overall. No one has burned out yet.

This is SO helpful. Thank you!! My husband does not have an academic background so having a system to show him the realities of what I'll need is wonderful. I'm so glad you are making it work for now! 

@Quincy39 hello! I will be starting the program in January and is wondering if you were qualified for the merit scholarship at UMB or any scholarships applied through the general application? Thanks! 

I did a FAFSA and received a grant for $800 for each semester so they took that off my fall bill.That’s the only scholarship type thing I got and I think the general consensus is we have to go Google around and find scholarships on our own. The program assistant emails us scholarship opportunities every now and then but I never qualify. If you contact Northeastern or applied there, they have an awesome scholarship packet with websites and what not. I don’t have it anymore but if you say you’re interested and apply maybe they can email you a packet 🙂 hope that helps!

@Quincy39 that’s great! But I was expecting UMB to give you some scholarships too perhaps the merit if your GPA is good. I’m excited to start in January. How are the online courses so far?