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UMass Boston Accelerated BSN Summer 2015


Hi everyone! I noticed there wasn't a thread for this yet. Is anyone else applying to the UMass Boston Accelerated BSN for Summer 2015?

Hi, I did! From previous years' posts, it looks like we will likely hear in February. Fingers crossed. Good luck!

@sarahjr89 My application status just changed yesterday and they said I would receive a letter in the mail within 14 days notifying me of their decision. I'm dying to find out! Has yours changed yet?

Hi, yes mine did too! I just checked. I am hoping that is a good sign. My undergrad GPA is 3.7 and my pre reqs are 3.8-3.9, so I am hopeful. What are yours if you don't mind me asking? You can PM me if you'd like. My name is Sarah :)

Hi, Sarah! I'm Erin. I had a 3.3 undergrad and 3.5 prereq and I did really well on the TEAS. I just got my acceptance!! Hopefully you'll get yours soon! :D

Oh, well definitely a good sign then! I was a bit nervous with such a quick turn around. Congrats! That is fantastic! I will keep you posted when I hear. :-)

Hi guys,

i just received the acceptance letter from Umass Boston for the accelerated nursing summer program 2015.

I am super excited~

Has anyone received the letter yet?

Hi, I received my acceptance letter today too. Very excited! UMB is my top choice, so I'll look forward to meeting those who commit in May. : )

@boston850217 @sarahjr89 Congrats!! UMass Boston was my top choice too. Hopefully I'll be meeting both of you this summer :)

Congrats, @bostonnrshpfl @boston850217 @sarahjr89 ! I received my acceptance letter as well.

By the way, does anyone know some people who are in this program already or who have graduated from this program?

I am wondering how do/did they like the program, etc.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Congrats bostonnrshpfl, sarahjr89 and owl12. This news is a good Christmas gift for us. :woot:

Merry Christmas!!

Congrats all! Definitely is the best Christmas gift. @owl12, I don't know anyone in the program, but I work as an admin at children's hospital now, and the nurses there all say UMass is an excellent program with a great reputation! :-)