um....maybe not!


A 6th grader comes RUNNING into my office today...."Miss! I need my inhaler! I can't breath!!!!!!" :grn:

Am I the only one who thinks this kid may need a little teaching???


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before I get flamed beyond recognition, yes, I sat the child down and talked with him about correct inhaler usage (when, why, etc). The problem was he forgot to come before PE because of the wonky testing schd and thought he would be in trouble.

When I wrote that I was venting.

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Lol, the ones that crack me up are the ones who, during a meltdown or disciplinary issue, will scream at the top of their lungs "I CAN'T BREATHE!!!" I always remind them if they can scream, they can breathe!

This happened to me just the other day!! I asked the student if you can't breathe how are you talking to me so calmly and clearly? He said "I'm serious I can't breathe at all!"

I've also been getting tons of kids who are coming from PE. They're taking a pacer test and clearly just aren't used to running. A group of five came in at once wanting to borrow inhalers from other kids because their teacher had said at the beginning of class if they had trouble to go see the nurse for an inhaler. I had to tell the gym teacher to explain he meant that only those who had an inhaler at school, that I don't just give those out to whoever :lol2: