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I was wondering if anyone here was attending the ulster boces 2010-2011 program??? and alos if anyone had any tips on the math or the formulas so i can get a head start

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HELLO, are you in Sept or Jan class. I am trying for jan 2011. The math threads on here are really good. Did you try them?

i'm in the full time day program, and we're getting into the math (aka: dosage calculations) now. best advice i've got is to review the basics: fractions, decimals, and definitely conversions between the systems. the more comfortable you are now with those the better off you'll be.

I have a few questions

Does Ulster Boces accept transfer credits. I took mat 106 Medical Dosage, Anatomy and Physiology, Eng 101 and General PSY

I am from Queens, NY i know driving is going to be a hassle with tolls, gas etc. Are their any dorms? How much does renting cost around the area for a single person one bedroom apartment?

If you take public transportation how much does it cost?

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I don't believe they accept transfer credits. Have you taken the entrance exam. There are no dorms,rent can be anywhere from $500. to $900. There is a bus but is goes all the way around the world and back again to get you where you need to be. I think it is $2.00 or so.

Best wishes

Is ulster Boces accredited?

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Are you being sarcastic about a bus going around the world.

I cant make any sense of what you are trying to say about the bus.

Anyways thanks for replying

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Yes, the program is accredited. Are you trying for Jan or Sept.?

Yes, there is a bus but most of the time it goes past where you want to go, then comes back around. They have a bus schedule online that you can review,but I know the bus doesn't run 24 hrs, or on holidays and with the winter that can run later or earlier. If you don't have to use the transportation, you will be better off. Best of luck.

Thanks for responding Virgo Student Nurse

I want to apply for Ulster Boces this Jan. I live in Queens i don't mind driving all the way upstate i hope i pass the entrance exam.

I am actually looking for any LPN program that starts this Jan. If my plan for that doesn't go well. Then, i'll just cont college and apply for candidacy Sept. But the thing that bothers me is having to wait till Sept thats a lot of time to wait in btw. Maybe i'll take youtube med terminolgy classes to keep myself busy.

I've been looking into other LPN programs which starts this Jan. So far i've been interested in NJ nursing schools. Some of them start this Jan. Eastwick College they're starting Jan and March. However, their Jan session is filled up. Right now i'm just gonna keep trying and pushing and wait for what to come.

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