UK to USA nursing (Agencies-reviews)

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These below are the key agencies l know of

1.Peyton O'grady international- pros- actually gets nurses to USA from from UK.

cons- very rigid contracts

- less likely to get state of choice.

2. Avant Health- pros- gets nurses to USA faster than any other agency.

Cons- none know never heard any one mourn about them.

3. Assignment America- pros- just about gets nurses to USA

- contracts are somewhat fair

Cons- changes terms in contracts sometimes at short notice

- Less likely to work in state of choice.

It will be quite nice if more people would add more pros and cons to the above agencies and you most welcome to add other major ones we do not know about with their pros and cons.

thanks in advance.

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I only have experience with Avant but I'm very pleased with them. I think Avant's the only one with a comprehensive NCLEX review program. The pass rate for international nurses on their first try is 30% but with Avant it's around 90%. Avant also has a transitions program that I've heard is pretty unique in this business.

I don't know Avant's "success rate" with placing nurses in their preferred state. There are no guarantees as they need to match the RN's experience with available positions. I have told them my preference but I'm yet to interview for jobs, so I'll find out later. I hope now that Jackson Healthcare acquired Avant there'll be more options for us immigrant nurses.

Thank you SpidersWeb for your contribution.

Avant Health are pretty serious contender for any one seriously thinking about making that move to USA. I met a nurse at work who was on their program and she was pretty confident she was going to Florida. You right these Agencies Match your skills with vacancies. But once again they have areas they have Bulk of work hard to fill jobs.

My analysis so far Avant - the have placements in Florida-as we have learnt they are soon to be owned by Jackson Health care which will open doors to more states- I hope they don't loose their efficiency as they grow bigger.

O'Grady Peyton- have placements in Texas again they are part of other sister companies that gives them access to more states

Assignment America- have tonnes of work in Oklahoma. Bear in mind they are affiliated with Cross country Travel corps so eventually you could end up in any given State that had great need.

Disclaimer this analysis is based on people that have actually gotten contracts and are already working in those area with the above

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