UK to NY RN...... "scared" to work the floors


Hi everyone :)

It feels strange posting this; but hell - here goes!

I'm a UK educated nurse with 8 years of experience under my belt.

I am licensed to work in NY state & all that good stuff, but my problem is that in the 4 years that I've been here, I haven't worked the floors; everything has been private practice/ teaching. I resigned from my most recent job & I'm itching to get back to work - but I truly am scared to work the floors here for these reasons:

*It's New York.

*The nurse/patient ratio.

*All the new paperwork.

*Physical Assessment of patients (lung/heart/bowel sounds) - obviously we assessed, it just wasn't labeled!

*Not having training in things that appear to be everyday things for US nurses - eg:when I trained we didn't learn phlebotomy/IV siting - these were considered 'extended roles' for nurses.

*Just looking stupid :eek:

Any words of wisdom & encouragement would be gratefully accepted :redpinkhe

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I would look for a hospital that will give you a prolonged orientation. The UK nurses I have worked did not seem to have many clinical nursing issues and were prepared for US nursing practice.

What would be of concern is the fact you have not worked in a hospital in 4 years. That is why I would ask for a longer orientation. Also if you can't get a position you may need to complete a refresher course. Good Luck.


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I agree with the "refresher course" idea. Best wishes!