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UK nurses in the united states

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Has any UK nurse recently moved to America? What has the experience been like? How long did it take to get your nursing license and start working? How is the job in comparison to working in the UK?


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I moved here in June this year from UK. I started the process for cgfns in 2009/10. Passed my NCLEX in Oct this year and landed a job in Nov. Not started working yet as start date is in Dec but the terminology is very different. I sometimes have slight difficulty understanding the daily terms/slang

Thank you for replying, did u have to make up any missing theory or clinical hours for paeds, mental and obstetrics?


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Yes I did. At that time, city Uni was offering a program to make hours up. Is the last one to be offered. And that too because I only had theory hours to make so it was no problem for them.

Hi guys, I am a UK nurse about to start the process of applying for the RN nurse licence and and taking the nclex exam with the hope of getting a job there soon.

Any advise on how to start this process. I have been in contact with an agency called NURSES 4 AMERICA. They seem very promising but very pricey £745 for a 12 month contract. Has anyone had any experience with this or any similar agencies. Please I will appreciate all advise and recommendations.

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starting point would be looking at the state board of nursing for the state you plan on living and working in and see what their requirements are for International trained. You are aware that both clinical and theory hours will be required for Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Adult on your transcripts? You are aware it will take a few years once you are lucky to find a employer willing to go the immigrant route (this is the route generally taken by nurses)?