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Hi all, 

I was hoping for some advice.

We are looking at moving to Canada from the UK in 6 months for my partner's work and will likely stay for around 2 years. 

I've looked into the NNA's process for UK nurses and read through other threads and it looks like it's really long and tough process. Just wondering if anyone has any advice? And whether it would be worth it for me?

I'm a qualified children's nurse and specialist community public health nurse (health visitor) with a masters degree. I'm currently leading on a programme offering intensive support for vulnerable families and I have previously worked as a children's nurse, health visitor and safeguarding children's nurse. During the pandemic I was redeployed to adult intensive care but otherwise have no experience of adult nursing outside of student nursing placements and no proper maternity experience outside of advice and baby monitoring including in health visiting.

Has anyone with similar qualifications/experience managed to register as a nurse in Canada?

Thanks in advance.

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You will have have theory and clinical hours in adult, peds, OB/gyn and mental health nursing in your school transcripts to be licensed in Canada. 


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I'm in Ontario Canada and I know that our College is pushing to fast track the approval of international nurses right now, have you looked into registering under the emergency class? I know they're working on making it easier for those to join the general class once in the emergency class. I don't know the full details of it though, it may be a one year renewable type thing, but could get your foot in the door, I believe other provinces are doing something similar. good luck!


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I'm looking to move to Canada also. My background is neurology and then ventured into community nursing where I have been for years now, absolutely love it! Wondering if it's possible to work as a community nurse in Canada!