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Hey guys!! As you know applications have already been turned in and the interview process has begun. I'm so nervous for April 15th to roll around because thats usually the date in which most people receive their decisions. My GPA is a 3.70 and I'm a volunteer at UIC Hospital and have been fortunate enough to have leadership positions on campus. Such as being the President to PTK honors society and Vice President of Student Government. I'm not a UIC pre-nursing student, I currently attend a community college. This sometimes scares me since I've been told that they have a high preference for UIC pre-nursing students since they know that they can handle UIC courses. I wanted to start this discussion board so that I can get some feed back and also see what everyone else is thinking and try to survive this next month together.


That's really great, at least you have a solid plan in place! I am sending good vibes to you! UIC would be such a dream.

Thanks! You too! Your background is awesome so I'm sure you'll get in

So I called and someone answered today! They said decisions should be sent out Wednesday! They said hopefully so I'm hoping it is actually Wednesday! í ¾í´—í ¾í´—

Oh boy!!! this is good news!!!! Atleast we won't be waiting until next week! Thank you so much for letting me know. Oh boy am I nervous

No problem! I am extremely nervous because last year I was wait listed and I'm scared of getting denied. If I was at least wait listed again I wouldn't be so nervous. But last year we were supposed to get emails the 15th and most of us didn't get them until the 17th, but hopefully he was right and we get them on Wednesday.

Hi Scorzd, thank you for calling for our behalf.

I really hope you get in this year!

Anytime! And thank you so much! I hope you get in as well. We all worked so hard to get here!

Does anyone else want to call and see if they are really sending out emails today? I am so anxious, but I don't want to call again.

Hi Scorzd, I got an email today!!!

just kidding! Honestly I don't feel like calling b/c I don't think it will change the situation. But yes, who knows they will get back to us by today.

So the GEM people got their emails today and my friend called for us lol. They said by Friday

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