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Hey guys!! As you know applications have already been turned in and the interview process has begun. I'm so nervous for April 15th to roll around because thats usually the date in which most people receive their decisions. My GPA is a 3.70 and I'm a volunteer at UIC Hospital and have been fortunate enough to have leadership positions on campus. Such as being the President to PTK honors society and Vice President of Student Government. I'm not a UIC pre-nursing student, I currently attend a community college. This sometimes scares me since I've been told that they have a high preference for UIC pre-nursing students since they know that they can handle UIC courses. I wanted to start this discussion board so that I can get some feed back and also see what everyone else is thinking and try to survive this next month together.


Hello! So we shouldn't receive an email any later than the 15th? Hopefully we get it then or before

I actually asked someone after my interview about when we may find out and they said the committee was getting together in the middle of april to make final decisions. So, my prediction is we find out the week of monday april 18th, but thats being very cautious so I don't start getting too antsy! haha

I've been so antsy this week so I'm trying to calm my nerves a little lol. Last year application statuses changed that's why I'm even more anxious this year because it's remained the same since the interview

I'm debating if I should call and ask when emails will be sent out because maybe they will send them out early, but if you already talked to them did they seem set on sending them in the middle of April or was there a chance of sending them before?

They were kind of vague, the only answer I got was "they're getting together in the middle of April" Soo, I'm sure if you called you'd possibly get a more specific answer! Please let me know if you do!

Ok I will try and call today then and let you know what they say!

I want to call, but I'm nervous because I'm sure they're getting a bunch of phone calls and they're probably already annoyed with people calling lol

Hmm! me too honestly! Maybe we should try next week

Yea maybe I'll wait until Wednesday and see if anyone has heard anything.

I did try to call twice and no one answered it said leave a message and someone can get back to you, but I didn't want to leave a message so I might try again today.

Ah thanks so much for letting me know!!!!!! I'm sitting here looking at a spreadsheet of the schools i MIGHT go to, and am just so antsy to find out from UIC í ½í¸…

I am too. I am currently at St. Xavier and I'm in their nursing program, but clinicals don't start until Fall. This is my second time applying to UIC so I'm really nervous. I was wait listed last year so I don't know what to expect this year. The only thing I'm less worried about is that I'm already accepted in a nursing program, but I love UIC.

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