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UIC BSN fall 2017

sakurali sakurali (New) New

Hi everyone!

I thought I would make a thread for our class!

So glad you started a thread! I am a transfer student applying to the Chicago and Urbana campus. How do you plan on preparing for the upcoming interview?

I'm so nervous for the group interview.. I don't even know where to start preparing. I'm not the best with words, any advice?

Hey! thanks for the reply

Honestly, I've never been interviewed before so I am super duper nervous too! I totally feel you.

But we're going to have to go through this when we're applying for nursing jobs later on in life, so might as well get used to it now right?

Be yourself and relay your passion toward our line work. Even if you aren't good with words, what's important will be understood.

Best of luck to you all!

How did everyone's interview go? I'm so nervous about this!

Hi guys!

I just had my interview on 2/27. I think it went well and now I'm just waiting. How about you? Did you guys do your interview ?

I had my interview last week. Academic advisor sent us an email saying we should know "shortly after March 17." Were Chicago applicants told the same?? Can't wait to find out!

I'm a Chicago applicant and we were told April 15th-April 20th. I can't wait to find out as well! I wished it was March 17th though, April 15 is toooo long.

I had my interview on Friday and I am extremely happy with how it went, I don't know why I was so nervous beforehand considering how laid back my interviewers were:laugh: Last year, the applicants found out around April 15th but I was told that the Board has meetings these next two weeks and they plan to send decisions out by the end of this month (March 23rd or 24th).

I can't believe we're getting so close. I'm so anxious to hear back! Has anyone heard any rumors about when we will hear back? Do you all think you have a good chance?

I haven't heard any rumors or anything. Have you guys heard anything ?

Got an email around two hours ago saying I was put on the waitlist :(

Was wondering, what schools do you guys have for backups?

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I got an email a couple hours ago! I was accepted to Urbana! Good luck everyone

I was put on the waitlist as well for UIC (Chicago)

Hang in there! You both have a good chance of getting in. Good luck!

Thank you! And congratulations for your admission to Urbana !

I was also waitlisted for Chicago's campus.

I received an email on 3/17 around 4 o'clock that I was accepted into the Chicago location! Good luck to everyone and try your best to remain positive because the CON does go through about half of their waiting list.

Hi everyone! I also received a courtesy email stating that I was accepted to the UIC program. I'm excited to get started!

I was also waitlisted for the program. :( For those that were waitlisted, do you have any information regarding how many are on the waitlist and what we can expect?


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