I hate end of semester crunch!!!!!! Just relieving some stress, feel free to join me in a big group UGHHHHHHHHH

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I already had my end-of-quarter crunch, followed by the spring break decompression, and am now into the beginning-of-quarter grind.

It never ends.


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AHHHHHH UGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay so that felt better! Haha...I'm right where you are right now! Our spring break starts Monday BUT I've got 2 papers with presentations due the Monday we return, 2 tests the week we return, ATI testing the week after that, and THEN finals AND last clinical days WITH finals!! WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!!! I feel your pain!! I'm sure I will shed a tear or 1000 for us all!!! GOOD LUCK!!


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Sometimes I browse the pre-nursing section when I have those "ughhh" moments! It helps me stay motivated, between remembering how I felt at one time, and all the people who are trying to get in to NS.

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