Are there any states/hospitals where the nurses aren't treated like crap. We had travelers and we loved them, cause it was HELP.... Everywhere I seem to look at and want to go, I hear the nurses are hateful, the hospitals are awful....

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i've worked at a bunch of great hospitals that were traveler friendly, one in NYC, several in CA. PM me if you want to know more. ( :


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Right now I am doing my first ever travel job in Williamsport, Pa and the nurses and staff have been great. They are so greatful to have me there, they are all so helpful. I did however find out you do have to hit the floor running. After only a one day orientation, I was on my own in the ICU with three patients. But, they did give me easier patients to get used to to things.


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I've been traveling for about a year now and every assignment I've been on have treated me fairly. But there are some nurses that may not like the fact your making more money or just simply unhappy people. And the way I see it I'm only there for a few months and I do not have to deal with them for long. But like I said most of the staff have been great to me but you may have a few that you just have to ignore.


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It varies from place to place. For the most part, I've had good experiences. The most traveler friendly place I've been was Memorial Medical Center in Modesto, CA. The people were SO nice and helpful, it was unreal. The least traveler friendly was LAC/USC County hospital in Los Angeles.