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2015 UFV Fall BSN


Hello all!

I thought I would start a thread, so anxious applicants can chat about what's going on with eachothers application statuses etc.

i received an email last week saying that my application is complete and in a position to be accepted for fall 2015 intake.

Anxious doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about the application process haha

I might as well respond to one post instead of both haha

Your first time?! You're gonna rock :) it's a lot of waiting, so just try to push it out of you mind or you'll just be a ball of anxiety haha

What were your grades? Volunteer hours? How many reference letters?

I have A- in bio, eng and math and b in chem. 140 volunteer hours in a DR. Office including assisting in 2 births with the dr I was working for. 2 reference letters.

I am invited to the information session. Just waiting for the formal invite.

What about you? What's your experience in all this!? Have you done and interview?

This will be my 4th time applying. I made it through the interviewing process last intake- and was wait listed(less than 10 people) for spots that some accepted students may forfeit. Sadly I didnt get in :( I have 2 reference letters- I've got 200+ hours with St. John ambulance, 2 As 2 Bs. It feels like they defer people their first time applying to see if they really want it. The interview was easy, she said I aced it, she was super nice and easy to talk to. They just had a list of questions and wrote down all your answers.

Got an email the other day for the information session, I got march 17th from 4-6, anyone else?

How did you find the essay questions tonight?

Has anyone heard anything yet!!?? Ugh... I swear I check my email 10+ Times a day!!

My interviewer said we would all get emails on May 15th.

It's killing me to wait so long! Another 10 days. Ugh.

Hope this helps!

Ok, I thought it was by the 15th! That makes it a little less stressful then!... A little! Lol

LMG6690 Did you get in?!!! Hope so, I know you've been waiting a long time! :)

No I didn't :( I am going to upgrade chemistry again. Ugh...

Did you get waitlisted this time LMG6690?? I'm on the waitlist for my first time