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UF ABSN Summer 2021

by natli0301 natli0301 (New) New Student

Hey all!

I wanted to start an offical thread for those applying to UF's accelerated BSN for the Summer of 2021! I know its still pretty early but I thought we could use this platform to support one another and share our own journeys through this process.

I am pretty nervous for this process. However, UF's hollistic approach toward each of its applicants gives me hope and reassurance.

Just a little about myself

I am currently finishing my last semester at USF. My last 60 hr credit GPA is pretty average as per UF's usual standards standing at about a 3.4. My cumulative is not too great so hopefully I am not penalized for having a low overall GPA. I have research experience and a publication to my name so hopefully that may hold some weight. Besides that, I have a lot of various volunteer experiences that are non-health care related.

I was specifically curious to know how much weight health care experience holds for admissions. I worked as a scribe for about one year where I was able to gain perspective into the nursing field eventually influencing my decision to pursue nursing. Besides that, I don't really have very much experience working directly with nurses or CNA's for that matter.

I was also curious to know more about the HESI A2 test if anyone knows more about that.

I would love to hear about everyone elses stats and experiences, how you are going about the admissions process in general.

Good luck to everyone applying this cycle!

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Following! I also plan on applying to UF ABSN program for Summer 21. My last 60 credit hours GPA is around a 3.6 but my overall is a 3.31. I'm retaking statistics currently to help boost my pre-req GPA and eventually will have to retake Chem 1 also.

I'm also wondering about healthcare experience because I don't have any and it's been frustrating trying to shadow NPs, RNs, and CNMs because I haven't gotten responses back! And corona is not helping with that LOL. Wondering if healthcare experiences is really necessary and looked at? Or just test scores/GPA?


hey! I am honestly not too sure about health care experience. I dont have any shadowing experiences with nurses either (only observed nurses as a scribe) so I would be curious to know if this is super important as well. I am guessing that they dont necessarily need to see health care experience but want to be convinced as to why you want to pursue nursing. so I would think health care experience does help with solidifying this, perhaps, and definitely helps.

Also, I do agree shadowing experience is hard to get without connections, but you defnitely have time to keep trying (despite the Covid situation?)

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Hey guys! Ill be applying as well, I just finished my application to the school its self and now waiting for the CAS application to open for UF!


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hello my future RNs, name is chip I am a respiratory therapist looking to change profession to nursing, I love what I do but its a very stagnant field and no room to grow unlike nursing is, Been a RT for about 5 years, I plan on applying to to Summer class of 2021, I have heard some mixed reviews about the program at UF but I am willing to give it a chance due to it being an accelerated BSN and their holistic interview process. I have retake all my science pre rec due to it being expired currently taking micro then should be done. I recently looked for the HESI test on evolve and as of today no test is available, will try and call them and see whats up. 

Hey! I'm looking into applying to this program for Summer 2021. I am currently in my last semester at UF finishing my B.S. in anthropology. My GPA is 3.83, and I have taken many other science courses (I was premed). I am almost done with my pre-reqs, but I still have nutrition and microbio to go. I have 2 years experience as a research volunteer in a genetics lab, but I am nervous about lack of shadowing/healthcare experience (I was planning on getting some experience but then covid :/). I am even wondering if I should apply this cycle or wait for next year. Should I mention a possible interest as a research nurse? My major is also involved with alot of forensics and a forensics nurse is a very interesting potential career for me, but should I not even mention such specialized career paths?

I am also applying to the Summer 2021 program and also am graduating at USF Spring 2021.  I don't have much healthcare shadowing experience except being a HIV counselor, but due to COVID it's hard to get some hours. My cumulative is a 3.35 and my prerequisite GPA is a 3.6. Does anyone know the averages of the admits of the program since its a holistic application process?

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Hi all, Im a current student in UF's ABSN class of 2021 program and thought I would share my experience. I remember scouring this page multiple times a week...and then almost every day when acceptance letters were being given. So, I think it's only right for me to give ya'll some hope; especially those who feel they don't have a chance.  

My background: I received my BS from UF in a super random non-medical major, graduating with cum laude honors. I took all the necessary prerequisites and I honestly did mediocre. I was never one of those students that had years of volunteer experience; I only had very little from when I received my first degree. I worked in hospitality for nearly 12 years by the time I applied to UF, and so that was all my resume consisted of. That being said, I knew I was not a competitive applicant. I was EXTREMELY determined to get into UF so I made it my mission for almost a year to make myself the most competitive applicant I could.

My Application Process: I met with a career counselor at UF multiple times. She was amazing. She instructed me that I needed massive amounts of volunteer hours, a competitive essay, an outstanding HESI score and amazing letters of recommendation. I started volunteering every week at two nonprofits, and also volunteered for random health-associated events. I used the HESI A2 Pocket Prep app on my phone and studied every day (I ended up receiving an 85). I also met with two different professors at UF to help me to edit my mini entrance essays and resume. I had letters of recommendation from individuals currently working at UF. I also received my BLS certification. 

My Acceptance: Acceptance letters from UF came out in late February...I received a denial letter in early March. I was DEVASTATED to say the least...yet still determined. (mind you, I was also denied from UCF, USF, and UNF so I was pretty upset at this point). The morning after my denial, I walked into the UF CON office and asked to speak with an advisor...No one was available so I scheduled an appointment with ------------------------- the next day. When I met with her, I asked if there was any possible way to get on a waiting list, or even be explained why I was denied, but I received nothing except for advice to go apply elsewhere. I cried in her office. Almost 2 weeks later....I received a call from ------------------- asking if I would accept a seat in the ABSN program. I am now almost halfway through the ABSN program and I am doing very well. I really do feel my determination is what lead me to be offered a seat. I am more than thankful to be in this program.  Best of luck to you all...and definitely don't give up hope!! 

Feel feel to reach out if you have any questions 🙂

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Lauren McDonald

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So I’m guessing we all submitted our applications now. I’m a UF MBA grad but have been a high school math teacher and bartender for the last ten years. I am so nervous. These are gonna be the longest three months of my life. I see you all applied to multiple programs, I only applied to UF Jax. I saw someone on a thread discuss when they were notified. I thought it said the end of February and I was wondering if it’s by mail or email. I’m an over thinker. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Good luck to everyone!

Hey guys! I am really freaking out because this is the month we should all be FINALLY hearing back if we’re admitted! IDK if anyone’s heard anything back from the college or the ABSN advisor, but please share details if you have! 🙂 I have a friend that also applied to the program and she said the ABSN adviser told her that no news is good news if you don’t hear anything back sooner than the end of February because apparently, those who do not get admitted will know sooner than those who are. IDK how accurate that is, but it’s what my friend shared with me based upon her meeting with the advisor back in Summer 2020. How’s everyone else feeling about this? I have been experiencing such high levels of stress and anxiety during these past few weeks. Knowing that whatever the decision is, it will be life changing for me. I’ve been waiting for this moment patiently for 3 years and I am praying so hard each day to be admitted. I wish everyone the best of luck and I pray that you all are admitted into the program for Summer 2021. In the mean time, let’s keep this discussion thread alive until the end of the month! 🙂 

Lauren McDonald

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I haven’t heard anything. This has been the longest 2 months of my life waiting. I literally check my post baccalaureate application everyday to see if there is an update. I’m so nervous. What campus are you applying for? I applied for Jacksonville. Jennifer told me that they only have 40 spots. Academically I feel pretty confident. My last 60 credit hours GPA is 3.8. But I have an MBA from UF as well and that GPA is only a 3.01, but they know I was raising three kids alone and working full-time as a teacher during that time.  I have A’s in all the pre-requisites (but I’m taking A&P II currently) and a 95% overall on my HESI with a 96% in both sciences and a 840 critical thinking. This “holistic” approach thing has me really super nervous though. I haven’t done any volunteer work or work in the medical field. I only applied to UF so I’m praying for some good news. I really don’t want to wait for all these other programs nor do I want to go to another school. I was born a Gator. What’s your original undergraduate degree? 

Hi Lauren! 
I’ve been checking my status back and forth every single day! It really has been a long and stressful couple months in waiting to hear back. I did both undergrad and graduate studies at UF in Public Health. My undergrad GPA is 3.65 and my graduate GPA is 3.30, but fortunately, they will only be looking at my undergrad GPA, thank God! 😭 Yeah, I only applied to UF in Gainesville because I refuse to have my husband leave his job to move elsewhere. My HESI score was low, I scored 74 overall because my math was weak! Every other topic I scored between 84-96. My math score was a 46 which brought me down a lot! 😭😭 Fortunately, I have been working for UF Health for 3 years as a Clinical Program Manager, so I’m praying my work experience and education will outweigh my HESI score. Your GPA is VERY competitive, I’m sure you’ll get in. Also, nurses need to be good educators, so your background in teaching will definitely be useful. And, it’s math! Math is definitely needed everyday in the medical field, especially when you’re trying to give a patient the right dosage level, math is a gift. You’ve got this!! 

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I have also applied for this program!

I am also anxiously awaiting decisions. I do think that the holistic approach will be beneficial to most people. 

I also applied to USF, UNF, and UCF. My theory is that because all of these programs have nearly identical prerequisites, many people across the state apply to all of these programs hoping to get into at least one of them, which can account for the large # of people who apply to these. They all release decisions around the same time, so it will be a very stressful next month+ for me!

Does anyone know the numbers accepted for each cohort in each location? 40 for Jacksonville and how many for Gainesville? 

Lauren McDonald

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I believe Gainesville admits 100 if I remember correctly. The ABSN doesn’t have a waitlist, so I wonder what happens if some people who are admitted take acceptance someplace else. Then that leaves spots open. I would think that they have very few that don’t accept admission because UF is the flagship program in the state, but still...I’ve heard that there is no waitlist. I pray that you get into one of these. For me, it’s UF or bust. Then I’ll have to apply to other programs and wait for their admission and start dates. I don’t have any idea of how many people apply compared to admissions. I saw something that says 1 in 3 to 1 in 2 people are admitted, but I can’t be sure.

Yeah, UF is my only option because Santa Fe College has a silly point system that doesn’t really benefit me despite my work experience and previous studies. If I don’t get into UF, I’m probably going to have to wait another year to reapply because I cannot just pick my life up and move out of Gainesville to go elsewhere. Not to mention, but to have my hubby quit his job for an entire year when he will be our only source of income since this program does ask us to not work throughout the duration of enrollment which really isn’t an option for us. I pray that all of us in this message thread are admitted. 😬🙏🏼🤞🏼 I seriously cannot believe it’s only February 4th! Ahh, this is taking way too long to find out! 😭 I’m just anxious, excited, and impatient all in one, LOL! Have you guys heard anything from your advisors? Any news in confirmation of your application materials? Any clues on how you know if you’re admitted? LOL 😅 

Good luck!! 

Lauren McDonald

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I spoke with ----------------------- today through email. I freaked out this morning because I saw that pre-requisite courses couldn’t be more than 7 years old. All my sciences are new but I never thought about my STAT2023. It’s 14 years old. It’s the course I put on the “pre-req” part of the application. Then I realized I luckily I took managerial stat in my MBA. So I asked her if that could count and if she could put a note for them to look for that in my transcript since it wasn’t the original course I put in my application. She said that class would count and that it’s already noted on my application that I’ve met all the requirements. She said if there was an issue with my application she would have reached out to me prior to now. She said “You’re all good to go as of now and will be notified of a formal decision by the end of the month or beginning of March.” I feel like that might be positive. 🤷🏻‍♀️😬 But gosh darn, this is really going to be the longest three or four weeks EVER. I’m anxious to know already and celebrate or get the disappointment over with. I really just can’t wait to start a new life. I don’t want to go back to teaching and I’m really tired of bartending, even though it’s good money. Just want to provide a better life for my kiddos. ❤️

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Hey ya’ll! Sorry for my late response. Thanks for sharing, Lauren! That’s real good to know. Dang, thank goodness you’re okay with your statistics class! I would have freaked out too, yikes! 😭 Lord, I’m so over this wait... 😣 Like you, I’m ready to either celebrate or get the disappointment over and done with because I just can’t anymore with this stress and anxiety. I printed my application out and I keep looking over it every single day such as reading over my answers and resume. I know, it’s so sad that it’s come to that point... LOL 😭 IDK, I have a solid GPA and substantial work experience, but the only thing that I’m really worried about is my HESI score on the math section because I simply blew it. I’m hoping they see that the only area I need to improve on is ONLY the math section and that I do have the opportunity to retake it prior to graduation. I just need to study the math a little more, that’s all so PLEASE don’t take this opportunity away from me and make me wait another year just to reapply!! 😣😭😭😭 I am too SO FREAKIN’ ready to start a new life for myself and for my hubby. We don’t have kids yet, but are planning to start a family after I graduate and I want to be able to provide my future kids with a better life than I had growing up. I want this more than anything and I am SO ready to work hard to finally became an RN. I am praying hard every single day for all of us and for our families to have this better life we ask for in the name of Jesus, Amen! 🙏🏼 


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Hey guys, 

We should hear back either this week or next. By any chance, has anyone heard anything back?? Im just like y’all, real anxiousss and wanna get this over with so I can move on with myself and figure out what I’m gonna do next. Yeah, let’s try to keep this thread going and continue to support one another. I know this is a nerve wracking time and I could also do with some interaction and get to know some of y’all.

Talk soon. :-)