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Is anyone attending the fall 2010 lpn program at UDC?

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I'm a current student and I will be done at the end of this month....let me warn you now, you're in for a wild ride. I've attended various schools in the past, but I have NEVER in my life attended a school as unorganized as this one, and I have NEVER encountered such rude instructors and administrators as I did at this school. This past Monday, classes were suppose to begin at the Bertie Backus building (they even distributed letters with the new location and dates)...well apparently no one decided to inform our class of the last minute decision to extend our stay at the Stables (old) building in NW. So while we were waiting we tried to contact anyone to let us know what was going on, well to make a long story short...our instructor was waiting for us at the old building, so she ending up coming to the new building to conduct class.....so one of the "administrators of the program" decided to pay us a visit as well to basically curse us out (without the curse words) and blamed us for being in the wrong place, and she didn't want to take responsibility for not informing us to continue classes at the old building...I'm not gonna say her name, but when you start the program I'm sure you'll figure out who it is.

There are a handful of instructors there that will be in your corner, but I can tell you that most of them will talk to you like a child, and basically threaten to kick you out of the program for being "disrespectful" and they'll make you feel like if you have a problem there's no one to report them to. I can tell you that I do study and I never tried to skate through the program, but I don't feel that this program really gave me everything I need to know in the clinical setting...that's probably why they're not accrediated...But anyways, I just suggest that you have a tough skin and try to ignore their arrogance like I did. If you have any other questions just let me know.

Thank you for replying to the post! I was worried that no one from UDC was out there. I have so many questions. I must say that your timing is amazing. Just this morning I was at the Stables Building for what was supposed to be my interview, only to find out that the staff had already moved over to the new location. The kicker was that they've moved but are not accessible by phone and I was told that if I went there I would only find boxes as they haven't unpacked yet. The security guard was very kind and did all that she could to locate someone to help me. Long story short they are still in the process of moving and are really in a state of confusion. I was able to speak with an LPN instructor who sympathized and then told me that the new class was supposed to start at the end of Sept but will be postponed because of their delay in moving. I am so amazed that the start date is flexible and now have no idea when that date may be. This behavior is very new to me, so I appreciate the warning. I guess you get what you pay for! If it wasn't for the fact that the program is so cheap and they offer an evening schedule I would look elsewhere. It must be painful to pay for someone to treat you poorly :mad:. On another note congratulations for making it through the program! You should definately celebrate that accomplishment given all of the factors involved. Is is true that if you've passed the pre-entrance exam you're most likely getting in? What was the interview like? How many students are in your class? Are you in the day or evening program? How did you find the content/structure of their program? How were your clinicals? Sorry for so many questions but I'm just so happy to hear from someone who is actually in the program.

Thank you so much!


I will be starting udc day lpn program on Sept 27.

As far as any changes, I have not been notified. I am going to check it out today.

I hope you are attending the day program. I would love to share this experience!

Hi Survivingn,

Congratulations for getting into the program! It sounds like this program is very interesting :). Unfortunately I have to attend the evening program because I work full time during the day but hopefully we can still keep in contact and help each other through the process. Please try to contact someone from the program as soon as you can to confirm the start date. I wasn't able to reach them by phone yesterday but you may have better luck. I was told that Monday 9/20 will be their first official day at the new location so you may be able to reach them then. Good luck! and let me know how things work out. I'll let you know if I hear anything else. Can I ask how your interview went? Have you gotten your books and uniform yet?

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your questions and my answers

q.)is it true that if you've passed the pre-entrance exam you're most likely getting in?

a.)i think so, i haven't heard anything about anyone not being accepted even though they passed the pre-entrance exam.

q.)what was the interview like?

a.) i had my interview with the director, and honestly, i found it to be a little discouraging (come to find out, i wasn't the only one to feel this way) because she found out that i had just graduated with my bs degree in may 09 and she wondered why i wanted to complete an lpn program...so i just explained to her that i exhausted all of my available financial aid, and since i found a program that was offering to pay for the program, books, uniform, and tools (stethoscope, bp cuff, etc.) i decided to just work my way up the nursing career latter...i think it was her method to see if i really had the passion or guts (lol) to complete the program...in actual reality, she's one of the nicest people there, and she's always in our corner when we need her.

q.)how many students are in your class?

a.) about 45 at the beginning, but i think about 10 failed/dropped out, but we gained about 3 new students who failed in the last class.

q.)are you in the day or evening program?

a.) i'm in the day program

q.) how did you find the content/structure of their program?

a.) well i think the structure of the program is straight forward. we had the same professor for nutrition, anatomy, dosage/calculations, and pharmacology...and he is one of the best, he will definitely help you out when you need him, and very easy going...before we went to clinicals, we had lab to prepare us to perform our nursing duties at our clinical sites. i think that the labs we had to complete before our clinicals did prepare us, but i think that they just purchased a “live dummy that is more human like…so you guys will definitely benefit from that. however, for some reason i think they change the structure of the program for our class because evening though we took geriatrics in the beginning we’re now in gerontological nursing (which i think will unnecessarily be of my demise…but i think they’ll probably fix it for your class.

q.) how were your clinicals?

a.) i'm not sure if you'll have the same exact instructors, but i had 3 different clinical instructors...my fundamentals instructor was tough, but she'll make sure you'll know what you're doing...i think i’ve mastered the art of bed bathing, bed making, and feeding…lol…seriously though, you’ll get enough cna experience, and luckily for me, we were at the washington home & hospice in nw, so it wasn’t like we were in some ran down nursing home with limited supplies. my other clinical instructor had us for adult health and mental health at howard university hospital, and i was soooo happy to have her...we loved her so much, that we got her a $100 gift card to macy's to show our appreciation….but anyways i learned a lot during adult health, you’ll do everything from taking vitals, passing meds, and documenting, and everything in between, she even rotated 1 student everyday to work at with the unit secretary…and on top of that, she let us go to the operating room to witness surgeries, and the recovery room to shadow the nurses…..and i loved it....however, our mental health clinical was rather boring…and come to find out many of the instructors said the same thing about mental health when they were in school…and had other instructor for maternal, which was only for 1 day at providence, but i did learn a lot about assessing a new born.

i have no problems answering any questions…i’m the type of person who has no problem passing on valuable information.:stdnrsrck:

Thank you so much for all of your valuable information. I appreciate you taking the time to answer all of my questions so thoroughly. You definately brightened my spirits about the program. I have been hearing so many horror stories and am going through my own just trying to get in touch with them for an interview. I hope that everything works out and I'll be able to get through the program. You made two interesting points in your reply. I also have a degree and was a little weary about having to explain why I now want to do an LPN course but I am willing to rise up the ranks if that's what it takes (given that the BSN/RN programs are like Ft. Knox to get into!) you also mentioned that you found a program that would pay for the course. Would you mind sharing more information about that program. I also have exhausted all financial aid and am looking for ways to pay for the program. I am a single mother and have to work full time during the day to take care of myself and my child. Thanks again for all of your help and good luck in your journey :).

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ok so i went through the dc office of employment services (does) or better yet the "unemployment office"....ugh!!!! i had the worst time with them….you’ll find out as you read on….ok so i found out about the program in july, step 1, i had to take the casas exam to test my “knowledge” but i think you’re exempt from that requirement if you hold a college degree (which they didn’t know i had under my belt until later on)…step 2, i had to show to them proof that i was admitted into the lpn program…and before i got to step 3, those fools had the nerve to tell me that they were not trying to approve my application because the “head b***h in charge” had the audacity to tell me to get a job because i am a recent college graduate (which by means in no way is grounds for ineligibility)….well of course i couldn’t raise hell in that government building, because you know that government workers are known for working inefficiently and giving people “the run around”, so i literally wrote letters to everybodies boss…all the way up the congresswoman eleanor holmes norton, and i even contacted abc 7 news….so by the time i got the green light from the “head b***h in charge” at does, september already rolled around, so my case manager was sweating to get my application pushed through. i eventually had to come out of my pockets with $600 to hold my seat in class….by the time udc gave me they’re green light, november was in full effect….it’s a lot more to this story, however, i can’t bore you with my craziness, but anyways, you see how that played out…i got my money…i just don’t understand why they felt that i wasn’t entitled to something that is entitled to me as a taxpaying dc resident….there were 8 of us who received funding, and only 5 of us remain in the lpn program….ugh!!!!!!!! i went through similar situations when i was trying to obtain my first bs, so this situation was another walk in the park for me.

here’s the website for does: department of employment services

to directly find training providers that does will pay for go to: www.dcnetworks.org and click on dc area training providers on the left and then the on the next page click the provider listing tab, this will give you a list of providers and what programs those providers will offer. i think the programs are funded by the workforce development act (wia).

i don’t know if it’s too late to apply for the funding in time for your start date, but it’s worth a try. unfortunately, you’re going to have to face those “ghetto queens” (i hate to say that about my own people, but it’s so true) in person like i did, to do the paperwork, so be prepared…i went to the franklin street one-stop center 1500 franklin street, ne, washington, dc 20018 (202) 576-3092….i know there are other locations in dc that might be closer to your home…just go on the does website to find them.

oh, i also forgot to mention in the last post that they utilize the 7 point grading scale and the lowest passing grade is a 75 for everything.

and although i can't give you all of my books because we have a comprehensive exam coming up soon , i'll give you the few that i don't need right now for free, so just let me know.

Hello lifesdream,

I will be going to udc too, evening program.

I receive a letter saying that the start date has been pospone to october 18. That`s too bad b/c I already made some change to my job for working only weekend, and they hire someone else. Well I wil just take some rest.

Like you I am overwhlemed by all the books and everything, and wonder if during the program we really go over all those books. But what spete39 said is encouraging.

I read that you `re going to evening also, hope we meet there.

Wow. I don't know how to thank you for all of this valuable information. I appreciate and welcome all of it :).

Nursetobe- thank you for the information on the new start date. I still haven't been able to reach anyone by phone so I'll have to drive to the new building one day this week. I hope to see you in the evening class!

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@ Lifesdream, No problem.

@ Nursetobe745, I will be the first to tell you that YES YOU WILL go through all of the books. If you don't want to spend too much money on the Anatomy and Nurtition textbook, then I suggest that you either purchase the prior edition to the lastest edition, (a trick I did while I was in college and it saved me a lot of money). You can probably get away with it in Pharmacology also, just make sure you purchase a good drug book. Your can just try to find textbooks for those subjects at the library.

I just took my final for Gerontological Nursing today, and I'm praying that I passed this class...I hope you guys won't have the same instructor...ugh...Anyways I wish you all GOOD LUCK, and if I pass then hopefully I'll be working on my RN by the time you guys finish up. And if you have any questions feel free to ask me, ANYTIME. *wine


I'm going to put in a prayer that you passed your exam. Although I'm sure you did well on your own, a little more positive energy never hurts and someone as kind as you have been to us future UDC students deserves to get through and go onto your RN program with ease. Best of luck.

I had my interview today and surprisingly I left feeling unsure and even discouraged about getting in. Most of my interview centered around me having a BA degree. I almost felt like that may have hurt me. The first question was about my degree and why I was trying to become an LPN :-( I was told that there are 800 applicants (from all over US/Canada) competing for 100 slots between day and evening. Is it really that competitive? Also I was warned about the 2 excused absence and tardy policy. Not that I'm planning to skip or be late but :eek: I hope nothing comes up that will cause me to have to miss class. I was also told about the payment schedule that would be due ASAP but some other students were filling out scholarship applications. Anyway I may just be stressing because I really need and want a chance to get into nursing. All I need is a chance and I'll run with it. I'm really surprised that the interview left me feeling this way :( ok enough of my pitty party.

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