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Hi All! Just a heads up to check your UCSF email! I received the fall semester schedule for the PNP program this morning! Hopefully they all went out :)


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Hi all,

I am interested in applying to UCSF whenever the next round occurs. On their website, I see a description of NNP program with requirements, but no dates or deadlines. Can anyone give me any information on the timing of it all, and how they found this information? Will they basically update their general website as dates approach? Is there anyone there I can contact to get on a mailing list for potential applicants? Just trying to be as prepared as possible.


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Anyone going to UCSF this fall. Wanted to get tips about submitting goal statement


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I want to apply for UCSF NP program too. Is it difficult to get in? I have one year RN experience


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Hey everyone,

I hope I can revise this thread. For everyone who attended the AGACNP program, how was it? Do you feel there was enough clinical hours offered through the program? Did you have to write a lot papers? Or was it more focused on group work?

Also, do you think it would be feasible to be successful in this program with an infant?

For those of you who commuted from East Bay, how was it? If you could redo it, would you prefer to live in the city instead?

Thanks in advance! :)