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Does anyone know when New Grad positions are posted for UCSD? I look daily but never see anything. Possibly I am looking in the wrong place on the website? Thanks for any insight!

I believe the positions will be posted in August for the New Grad program that starts in October!

Hey, wondering how this has been going for you? I've applied for a few positions this week that say they are to start July/August

just realized this was posted 2018 aha nvm!!

Hi! Even tho it’s last year I still haven’t found any positions at UCSD taking applications. Where did you find the job postings?

I go on UCSD careers under nursing and look for the ones that say new graduate RN!

Thanks. Maybe I’m in the wrong spot then I never see new grad positions. How long does UCSD consider one a new grad?

I can’t even find UCSD careers ? definitely not the queen of google!

Would you mind posting a link? I would most appreciate it !

Thanks so much ?

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