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Hi everyone! I wanted to make a forum to connect anyone that is applying for UCLA's new grad program starting this summer! Post below if you're interested in applying and which units you're interested in. I'm thinking about SICU, oncology, and the OR.

Just applied for Med Surg and Geri! :) Good Luck!

I totally thought we could pick three units instead of two! I ended up choosing surgical ICU and the OR. Good luck to you too :)

Hey guys! I was wondering if you guys were prompted to take that 45 min personality test. I submitted my application and attached required documents but was not asked to complete a test. Did I miss something? Any help would surely alleviate the stress level over here haha. Thank you and GOOD LUCK to all you beautiful future nurses!

Hey! I was prompted to take it right when I started my application. Check your spam folder, it should've been an automated email that was sent out! I have no idea whether or not the links are personalized but here's the link I have, maybe it'll work for you:

Questionnaire Previously Completed

Ok thank you so much for your help :)

Specializes in Pediatric ICU.

I applied! I actually took that test previously, so when I applied to this program, at the end of my application it said I need not take the test because I had already taken it. Then the next day I got an email saying that taking the test was a requirement, and it asked me to take it....if I haven't taken it already. Hahaha. I just figured it was a default email because it still hasn't let me retake it.

P.S. I applied to Neuro/Trauma ICU, and Cardiothoracic ICU. Good luck to you all!

Any idea when our app status will change online? Mine changed to "application for future consideration" but I have no clue what that could mean. Am I already out?

I have no idea what that could mean, but mine still says "online assessment completed". You could try calling and asking, they usually answer on the number listed on their FAQ page

Hey guys, I applied to Med/surg and Peds. I'm from out of state, just wondering where everyone went to school for there BSN or ADN?? Good luck :smug:

I'm from out of state too! I'm from Minneapolis and I go to school at the a University of Minnesota-getting my BSN

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