UCLA or Mt. St. Mary's?


Hi, everyone! I am new to this forum and hope to get answers!

Background story: I went into college just KNOWING I wanted to do nursing, and right from the bat, I knew it was the career for me. A few months into college, I switched my major to pre-pharmacy, but then ended up switching right back to registered nursing because I really could not handle all the chemistry and math.

Present day situation: I am almost done with all of my prerequisite classes, and I have two top choices: Mount Saint Mary's College, or UCLA. For UCLA, I would need to take 3 additional chemistry and math classes, resulting in me delaying applications to next fall. If I decide on MSMC, then I would just start my applications right away.

I am a 3.8 honors student at my community college. My optimal goal is to either become a nurse anesthetist, or get my MSN. Regardless, after graduation and licensure of my BSN, I would be looking into applying to hospitals around the Glendale, Hollywood, Burbank (California) areas.

In my case, since I really do not do well in chemistry and math, Mt. St. Mary's would be a wonderful school to transfer to. Is it looked at as a good school? Do employers hire people who graduate from there?

A degree from UCLA would be so bittersweet to me, but I cannot imagine all of those higher division courses. If I rule out Mt. St. Mary's (based on your replies), then I will take UCLA as my first choice.

I would appreciate everyone's help and opinions. Thank you so, so much!


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Apply to both and more. Decent chance you won't get to either right away.