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Hello! I don't see a thread for UCF FALL 2018, so I'm making one! Is anyone in process of applying? I'm getting anxious... I am still currently trying to send everything needed for the undergraduate admission application. I'm hella worried bc the deadline is february for the nursing application, and I haven't even been accepted to UCF.... does anyone know how long undergrad takes to accept???? :( Anyone?

Hello! I am currently undergoing the process of undergraduate admissions and I am freaking out! I am a transfer student from FIU but desperately want to move to Orlando. I heard it was very competitive but let's hope for the best!

hey i also applied as a transfer to UCF and was accepted now its just to apply to the school of nursing

Hey! I'm also applying to UCF but it's late Jan, and they still haven't processed my last transcript that I sent in over a week ago, so I'm super worried because apps are due by feb.

Jaay97, how long did it take for UCF to give you a decision after receiving all of your transcripts and stuff?

When I first applied it was during the middle of fall so I sent in my transcripts for everything prior to that in October ‘17. Didn't hear anything until December when they asked me to send my final grades. I got accepted about a week and a half later

All of my paperwork and stuff have been sent to the College of Nursing now, thankfully! Does anyone know how long it takes for them to review it?

Typically it is 6 to 8 weeks after the close of the application to hear back on admission decisions.

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It's six weeks now. Anyone hear anything? Other classes like the 2nd degree program had a date that they somehow knew the decisions were going out. Anyone else going crazy waiting?

I just got an offer to the Orlando campus! Did anyone else?

Congrats!!!! Are you for sure going there? I was so surprised that decisions came out this early!

Hey guys, I just got accepted into the Cocoa campus, anyone else?

Hi everyone! I got accepted into the Daytona campus but waitlisted for Orlando. Does anyone know how long it takes to hear back if I get a spot on the waitlist?

Hello, I was waitlisted for the traditional Orlando program. Did anyone get two emails?

I got an email saying I was accepted into Daytona and got a separate email saying I was waitlisted for Orlando.

I got accepted to Cocoa! Waitlisted for Orlando

I also got accepted to Cocoa and waitlisted for Orlando. I wonder how many people they put on the waitlist and what the chances are of getting in once waitlisted.

Hello, I got into Fall 18 Daytona campus, waitlisted for Orlando. I am so excited and scared at the same time.

Cocoa campus!!!! WEEEE! I'm so excited!

Does anyone know if later they tell you your odds of getting off the waitlist? I was waitlisted for the Orlando campus.


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