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I just got the thin envelope from UCDHSC and found out I was waitlisted. I was a little suprised because the admission info said they don't have a waitlist. Does anyone know anything about how their waitlist works? Do they put everyone who met the minimum requirements on the waitlist, or do they reject some people outright and only waitlist the stronger candidates? I knew I had a slim chance of getting in because I'm not a Colorado resident.

I'm going to call them tomorrow, but I was wondering if anyone else was in the same position or had the inside scoop.


Their waitlist means that whoever drops out of the program, you will have the chance to get in. It also means that you are a strong applicant, but not strong as those who are accepted.


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One of my Micro classmates was waitlisted last year. She officially got in about 3 weeks later. Congratulations on making it so far!


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It is a waitlist for the year only. I received the same letter last year and accepted it. After the initial acceptance period, I moved up the line and was offered a spot in May. I chose the Jan 2008 start, but was given the choice of beginning summer 2007. They were letting people in as late as Dec 2007 for the January start from what I hear.

I love the school! Congratulations for getting waitlisted. You have an excellent chance of getting through the list.


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I received same letter 3 weeks ago saying that I am waitlisted. Does anybody know how long do you have to wait until (if there is an available spot) you get accepted? Do you have the chance to choose either to start in the summer or January?



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I believe that the students who were accepted have until mid April to turn in their letter of intent, so the school will probably be going through the waitlist into the first part of May as they find out who is accepting and who is not. I can't remember for sure how long I had to turn in my paper work (I filled it out and sent it back the same week I got my letter! :) ) but I think there is still some time before everything has to be turned in.

I don't know whether or not you'd get to choose your starting term, probably depends on how many spots are available.

Congrats on getting on the list! Best of luck for acceptance!


They are pulling people from the waitlist now - I got the call this morning. I was offered a choice of summer or spring (chose summer) and I have until the end of the month to commit (although I promised to tell her as soon as possible)

So now I have a difficult (but good :) ) choice to make in the next week or so.

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