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I am considering an online NNP through either University of South Alabama or University of Alabama at Birmingham. I have read both schools web sites. I'd like to get an idea of how these two compare as far as ease of admission, how well organized, reputation, and etc. I'm considering these two because they are only a few hours from my home so a campus visit or two wouldn't be too bad. I'm also curious about UAB's clinicals. I saw USA's clinical site list and there are many hospitals in my area but UAB wasn't as clear. Thanks.


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I've just finished my Adult NP through UAB. You setup your own clinical sites. You are given a list of already made contract sites, however, if your desired site isn't on there you can have a contract made between them and the SON. It takes a few months to creat a new site, so I'd be on the lookout in advance. As for applying, etc, I found it a very easy process. I only had to go to campus twice throughout the entire program. If you have more specific questions, I would call the director of the NNP program and talk to her/him.

Good luck!!


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I am finishing up the FNP program at USA. When I applied in Fall 2008 (to start spring 2009 then changed to summer 09), I found the process easy and when I had questions, I usually had prompt responses. I had actually found out about the program the week of the application deadline and they were willing to accept mine if it arrived late. I had my acceptance letter about 1 month later. From posts I've seen on here, they have many more applications now and the wait time is longer. No GRE, No essay unless things have changed.

USA has 2 ways of pursing contracts. One is via a short 2 page contract (the easy way). The other is via clinical affiliation, a very LONG process of which you have NO influence and rarely any updates. There is a list of current approved affiliation facilities, but you still need to contact and set up preceptors and do a little paperwork. I approached my sites (all in Virginia) with the 2 page contract. Only 2 sites (a larger health system and the health dept) required the affiliation, which after 7 months of waiting, I found out were NOT approved. So basically, afiiliation or not, you still set up your own sites/preceptors. You do videos or site visits with your clinical instructor once per semester. The site visit is if you are within 2 hours from your instructor. However, for those of us at > 2 hour distance, they flew an instructor out to us one time for 2-3 hour site visit.

One thing I have found from talking with classmates who live near USA and know students in other programs is that each and every track seems to run a little differently, so I cannot speak to the specifics of the NNP track. FNP is stressful, TONS of reading, a little unorganized and inflexible at times, but doable. After speaking with student in local programs in my area, they have the same complaints. So I try to let my frustrations roll.

I also found that the price was right...in state tuition for out of state students!

I also contacted UAB. I had no reservations about them but didn't apply. I think I chose USA because it was less expensive (or was at the time)


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Hi 92mxmom, thank you for the detailed experience at USA.

I am a California licensed FNP and now looking to obtain my DNP after 5 years in practice.

So, searching through the USA website, it appears for someone in my situation, it would require a 36-unit option to obtain my DNP without specialty than what I have now. So, if I read it correctly, it appears that just the "DNP" portion would not require any more clinicals? Or does it just encompass capstone project? I like USA's online format, and sounds like you had a good experience at USA. Thanks in advance.


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I really don't know much about the DNP. No desire to go that route right now. I can tell you 2 of our instructors started and dropped out the first semester because they wanted a more clinical based curriculum.

I was accepted to DNP program at UAB and USA for fall 2012 entry, any advices/thoughts on which school I should go for? There seems to be a lot of posts about USA but not UAB. Thanks